Answering Your Chandelier Questions

Redecorating a room can be a grand adventure. You get to pick out a new color, or colors, for your walls. You may even get to shop for new furniture and flooring. But one of the easiest ways to change the look of a room often goes unnoticed. Lighting is often the last thing that people think about when it comes time to update a room. It is a very valuable and essential part of any room. If you do not believe so, try turning off all the lights.

In this article we will discuss lighting but more specifically the chandelier. From its opulent beauty hanging in mansions to the ultra modern version hanging in an apartment, chandeliers can increase the worth of any room in the home. You may be surprised by its humble origins but you will definitely be impressed with how it can completely change the tone of any room you are decorating.

What were the first chandeliers made from?

The first chandeliers were very plain and made from wood. They served a simple purpose of lighting a room from overhead. A wooden cross would be made and at the ends of each cross a stake would be placed. Upon the stake would be a candle. Most of these chandeliers were found in places where people commonly assembled such as in churches, meeting halls, or great rooms of castles. Later as mankind began to experiment with woodworking and metalworking, chandeliers changed.

What are modern chandeliers constructed from?

Today's chandeliers can be made from many materials. The most common material you will find though is brass. You can still find the very costly and elegant chandeliers that are made from bronzed metal, detailed wood working or even from wrought iron. Some people will make a chandelier from antler horns from an animal. The bone is hollow so it is easy to run electrical cord through the horn to affix to the light. More environmentally friendly homes are turning to wood such as bamboo or Banana Leaf. It is easier on the environment and it still has a very elegant look when designed properly.

Is installing a chandelier complicated?

Installing chandeliers is not very complicated if you know what you are doing. It does involve electrical work though. If you know how to work with electricity and have installed lighting fixtures, then it should not be any trouble. If, however, you are not handy with electricity it may be safer for you to hire an electrician to come in and install the chandelier for you. Many lighting stores will have a person on staff that can install your lighting fixture for you. It will save you time and money.

Where can I purchase a chandelier?

If money is no object then you can go to a craftsman who can create you a completely unique chandelier. If you are like most people you will want to buy one that is already made. You can go online to Lampsplus to check out their huge inventory of chandeliers. You can also go into your local lighting store and check out their merchandise. If you happen to see a display model that you like, they can order one for you. If the model has been discontinued you may be able to buy the showroom model for a significantly lower price. The best advice is to hit up home improvement stores, flea markets and antique stores if you want the best bargains.