Answering Your Horse Tack Questions

You do not have to own horse tack to own a horse but if you are going to ride this animal then you will need some equipment to ride him as well as equipment to help take care of him properly. Tack needs to be properly taken care of but first you need to know the basics of what to get and what it is made of.

If you do not know all of the pieces that you need, along with how to use them then the pieces of horse tack are pretty much useless to you. In this article we will cover some of those basics so that you will be up and running with your pet, literally, before you know it.

You will know what horse tack is, what it is made of, how it affects your pet and much, much more. So sit right back partner and enjoy the ride of learning all the basics of horse tack.

What is horse tack?

Horse tack is the necessary equipment needed to own and ride this animal. It can be anything from the stirrups of a saddle on to the metal shoes on the horse’s feet. Tack is an important part of any cowgirl or cowboy’s riding apparel and must be treated well.

Poorly maintained one shows and is a mark of how well the person takes care of their animal. Each piece of tack has a specific purpose and needs to be in good condition if it is going to be used on the animal. Improperly cared for tack can cause injury to a horse.

Do bits hurt the horse?

If used properly a bit does not cause the animal any form of injury but if used by an inexperienced rider the bit can injure the pet from too much pressure and can cause sores to form in the mouth. It is important, especially if you are a new rider, to receive instruction on how to use a bit properly to ensure the safety of a horse. The potential for damage to a horse’s mouth is great if used improperly.

What is a cinch?

A cinch is the piece of leather that holds the saddle in place. It goes beneath the horse’s belly and connects to both sides of the saddle. It is tightened into place snuggly to ensure that the saddle remains in place while the rider is aboard the horse’s back. It can be compared to your belt holding your pants into place. Without the belt your pants would fall down. It does not harm the horse at all.

How much can I expect to pay for horse tack?

Horse tack can vary widely depending on where you make your purchase. There are saddles and bridles that can be purchased used for less than one hundred dollars. On the same note you can buy hand crafted tack for thousands depending on who is the artisan making the saddle and bridle. So you see that it all depends on where you are shopping and who is making the tack.