Anterior Lordotic – Pelvic Tilt

Do you have a protruding stomach or bum despite being reliably thin, or suffer from a sore lower back after standing for prolonged periods of time? If you answered yes to any of these question it is possible that you have a common yet relatively unknown postural defect called anterior lordotic / pelvic tilt (APT). This defect is a result of muscular imbalances that control the positioning of the pelvis, pulling the hips down and forward often making the bum and stomach stick out as well as overemphasising your lower back lordosis (arch). Although not a serious condition by any means, the presence of anterior lordotic tilt does increase the changes on injury to the lower back. Self diagnosis of APT and those areas that require remedial work can be difficult and may require expert opinion, as such and if in doubt all corrective exercises should be performed regularly.

Corrective measures
Sufferers need to stretch those muscles that are strong / tight to loosen them, and strengthen those muscles that are weak / loose to make them stronger and tighter. If the muscles that control pelvis alignment are properly / evenly developed they will pull the pelvis into a neutral position. You should be stretching the strong / tight muscles while strengthening the weak / loose ones in conjunction for maximum benefit.

Specific muscles you need to loosen:
-hip flexors: bird dog stretch, hip flexor stretch.
-quads: simple quad stretch.
-back / erectors: the lower back is built for stability and should not be stretched, the cat stretch should be adequate for most.

Specific muscles you need to strengthen:
-transverse abdominals: (provides support for the lower back), planks, vacuums.
-hamstrings: hamstring curl.
-glotes: lunges and squats (squats should only be performed IF you have good form).

A visible improvement should be seen after consistent remedial work but may return if halted and old habits remain. Although resolving APT can be tedious corrective exercises do slot into a conventional exercise program (which you should be doing) relatively easily.