Anti Fatigue Mats – Preventing Back Pain

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Harry worked on an assembly line of a famous pharmaceutical company. His job involved overseeing the packaging and the distribution of the medicines. He had to stand for long hours. As a result he developed lower back pain and other medical problems.

In the beginning, he did not pay much attention to it, thinking it would go away on its own. However, over a rather short period of time the pain in his back became much worse and he began having a very hard time at work due to his back hurting so badly. Standing had become an ordeal for him and the only relief he got from this crippling back pain was to lie face down on his stomach. Ultimately, Harry’s condition deteriorated and he had to undergo back surgery.

This is one example of what has been happening to millions of workers all over the world. Employees, whose job involves standing for hours at stretch often, suffer from back problems, varicose veins, fatigue, headaches and debilitating conditions like spondilisis and slipped disc.

However there is a very simple solution that can change all this and prevent many back problems from occurring. The cheap and simple solution to this problem is to provide all workers with an anti fatigue mat.

The anti fatigue mat benefits all employees who need to be standing during the course of their work.

People who can benefit from an anti fatigue mat are

1.Assembly line workers

2.Laboratory assistants

3.Chefs and cooks

4.Nurses and compounders’

5.Security personnel

Since it’s a well known fact that prevention is better than cure, anti fatigue mats can actually prevent crippling conditions like back pain. What are the other advantages of anti fatigue mats? Why should a company invest in ant fatigue mats?

Well here are the reasons why a company needs these mats:

o These mats are scientifically designed and hence increase circulation and prevent “pins and needles” syndrome in the foot.

o They are also useful in reducing the exposure to extreme heat and cold for workers who work in furnaces or deep freezers.

o These mats are based on the principles of ergonomics and hence reduce spinal compression.

o They also reduce the weariness and pain in feet legs and ankles due to long periods of standing.

o Since these mats are instrumental in providing comfort, they also help in reducing the back pain.

o Last, a healthy employee is instrumental in boasting the work place environment. These mats help people to nip many a problem in the bud and have a better life.

Back pain is one of the most crippling pains known to man. There are times when the employee has back pain that can spread to cause headaches as well. An employee that is unwell decreases the enthusiasm of other employees and reduces productivity. Moreover, an employee that is unwell can also cost the company money in terms of hospitalization and other expenses. Hence, it’s better to nip the problem in the bud. Invest in anti fatigue mats and let your employees be healthy. Anti Fatigue Mats [] will boost employee health and as a result employee productivity will also increase. Indeed a healthy employee makes the company wealthy!!