Anti Gravity Shoes

Anti gravity shoes are the newest innovation in footwear today.

Have you heard of them? Some people also call them “jump shoes.” These shoes have been designed to help us walk more comfortably, with less fatigue, and even tone muscles!

What’s special about these shoes is that they have springs built inside the heels, which allow the shoe to absorb the impact of your heel hitting the pavement when you walk. The springs then propel you forward as your foot rocks onto your toes to take the next step.

This technology provides action much like a trampoline, lessening the impact shock of each step. Think of jumping on the trampoline: the bounce action propels you up, which is exactly the idea with anti gravity shoes.

Benefits include instant comfort, less fatigue, less pain. People who have experienced pain in their heels, knees and back claim to feel a noticeable improvement. These shoes are advertised to lessen back and spine pressure as well as to help you look taller (when you feel good, you naturally do stand up straighter.)

Many people claim they notice a significant increase in their energy levels which allows them to be more active.

But, you may ask, do they look good?

As a matter of fact, anti gravity shoes come in a variety of styles and colors. Sports and athletic styles (think tennis shoes), men’s and women’s dress styles, even casual run-around-town styles are now available, and in any imaginable color.

The action of these shoes is amazing, and feels a lot like your feet are on rockers. The little “boost” as you step off your heel is fun, and makes walking feel energizing. An added plus is that these shoes will actually tone your hamstring muscles. Some people state they have lost weight wearing these shoes! (I’m pretty sure this is just because the shoes are so comfortable that they encourage people to walk more.)

Whatever the reason, many people are becoming advocates of this new “jump shoes” technology, and telling their friends and neighbors about their positive experiences.

Many doctors and health organizations are endorsing anti gravity shoes for their patients, not only for the pain-alleviating qualities of these shoes, but also because this footwear stimulates people to become more active.

Cost for these shoes can range from as little as $65 to as much as $200 and more. Also, don’t confuse these type of shoes with “Jump soles”, which are spring-type platform shoes designed for athletes who want to train so they can jump higher. Be aware that there is a brand name “Jump” shoe, which has nothing to do with the type of anti gravity shoe we’re talking about here.

These new shoes are becoming widely available, and you should be able to find them at department stores, discount stores, specialty shoe stores, and of course, online. Try on a pair and see for yourself – aren’t they the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever worn?