Antique Mantel Clocks – An Interesting Hobby

Collecting antique mantle clocks is an interesting hobby to pursue. Most owners got their antique clocks as an heirloom piece. Although mantle clocks are considered a typical decor of American homes, more and more people are gaining interest in mixing such home furnishing in their modern home. An antique mantel clock can simply bring an elegance and charm to any room in your home.

Mantel clocks are intricately-designed timepieces made during the 1750s. These clocks are commonly manufactured in the United States, with Seth Thomas and Howard Miller companies being the pioneers. American mantle clocks are the traditional ones that are made of a wooden case while the French mantel clocks are extremely ornate. Some of them have the chiming feature that plays a melody on half hour and on the hour. These antique clocks need not to be wound regularly.

Antique stores and auction sites online sell antique mantel clocks of still high quality. Some may be working but others need a little restoration on the mechanical workings. Nonetheless, the style remains a classic. Note that antique clocks that are still working will be more expensive than the ones that have to be brought to a clock maker for repair. Authenticity can be guaranteed by checking serial numbers placed on the clocks and documentation if there are any.

If you would like to start a new hobby or would just love to have a beautiful antique mantel clock for your own, your best bet is to search online for the best selections and price.