Antique Wall Clocks – Building a Collection

Antique wall clocks are both a great collectors' item and a solid investment. Of course, you have to know what you're doing if you're going to treat this item as an investment, but there are ways to become knowledgeable in this field if you are not already. Several good books have been written and you can always watch Antique Road Show on PBS to get an idea for the prices of things. The great part is that since this is a relatively unknown field, it is easier to scoop up deals at garage sales, estate sales, and even thrift stores on occasion.

But first let's talk about collecting these antiques for the pure admiration of it. If you do not really love them you may never be able to propel yourself through the purely monetary aspect of it. The fact is that collecting antique wall clocks is a fascinating adventure. The history of them is much richer than most people realize. And once there was a time when true artists spent lifetimes creating one unique piece after another. Many of these are lost to the junkyards of old, but still many remain, scattered all throughout this land. They are hiding in old people's attics and in the basements of churches who do not even know what they have. They are there for the taking.

While it is a small world, the collectors' world can be vicious when a fine piece comes available. If you are going to enter into this in a serious way you are going to have to turn into a bit of a shark. You do not have to rip off the sellers, t it's all part of the game to try to throw your fellow antique collectors off the scent. Remember: if you do not do it to them they will do it to you. How do you think they became successful in the first place? So the first rule is to never fall for any nice guy tricks from your competitors.

Now onto the world of investment in antique wall clocks: as I said, this can be very profitable. If you want to get into this it is absolutely vital that you first study up on the history of wall clocks in general. Antique collectors have a very specialized knowledge which they have gained through years of self-study and firsthand research. There are many resources on the Internet which may be able to help you out, too.

In concluding this piece I would just like to say that I wish you well whatever is your aim in collecting antique wall clocks. There is a real lack of respect for this, the 20th century's most subtly stunning combination of art and technology. I am glad that others share my enthusiasm and I suppose it's kind of a good thing that not all are on board. After all, how would we make our money then? There would be no real deals to find and that is one of the most fun parts of the whole business.