Antler Art Brings Nature Indoors

Bring the nature of outdoors indoors with antler art. The Michigan artisan creates several antler items that make great nature accessories for your home, lodge, cabin or business. Each antler art piece is unique and special. Many are available for purchase or you can work with the antler artisan to create a one of a kind custom antler piece using your own antler sheds. Chandeliers, finials, lamps, shelves, wall sconces, wine racks and cork-pullers are some of the artisans favorite pieces to create.

A chandelier is an antler light fixture that includes your choice of twelve, ten or eight antler sheds. The light bulbs range from eight to four and they are Leviton sockets that are enclosed by the antler itself. The chandeliers are typically twenty five inches wide, twenty three inches tall and around thirty pounds total weight. All the wiring is internally sealed within the antler shell so that the chandelier makes an amazing light fixture and beautiful display for any home, lodge, cabin or business!

The finials range from angled antlers to burrs and mushrooms. Whitetail deer antlers and Mule deer antlers are used for single and double angular antler sheds. Antlers can also be shaved down to morels, which are tall button mushrooms and act as a finishing touch to a lamp. The finials can also be polished and stained black to give it a sharp and more detailed style. The finials have internal female threads that fit any standard size lamp as they are considered universal size threads. These custom finials make a great accent to rustic decor in any space!!

The artisan has also creates unique antler lamps that are truly amazing. The shade on the antler lamp consists of paper and faux leather that is stitched around the top and wrapped around the bottom. The scene on the lamp shade is rustic and features a moose and a bear with a scattering of some trees and a few birds flying above. The pull chain is an actual tip of an antler and adds to the creativity of the lamp. The lamps typically measure approximately twenty three inches high, however, each piece is unique. In addition, the artisan has utilized wood and paired it with antler sheds to create lamps with a wood base and wood stem. These lamps are great decorative art pieces as they assist to bring nature indoors.

The antler artisan creates shelves made of wood and antler sheds as well. The Michigan Black Poplar wood slabs are cured for a long length of time and then angle cut to prevent any splitting of the wood, as it provides the backdrop to the shelf to bring more nature to your decor. A smaller round wood piece is then used as a single (or double if preferred) shelf with an angled antler shed acting as the pillar(s). These antler shelves make great art pieces for your wall as well as hold picture frames, displays or knickknacks.

Light wall sconces made of antlers and wood are another specialty of the artisan. The artisan designed a matching pair of wall sconces that possess four bulbs and four antler sheds. The Leviton sockets are wrapped within the antler casing for a polished look. In addition to the pair of sconces, the artisan has created a wall sconce that actually resembles a lamp on the wall with a wood background and antlers wrapped around the lamp shade. Both styles of the antler wall sconces make beautiful rustic lighting displays.

For those that enjoy wine, the antler artisan has created an antler wine cork puller and a wine rack for safe wine bottle storage. The wine cork puller is made of Whitetail deer antlers and is a single shed that is attached to a corkscrew. The wine rack is created with Elk, Whitetail Deer and Mule Deer antler sheds. The antlers are designed in a way to hold several wine bottles, some upside down to allow wine to remain within the punt. As a final detail, the artisan added polished Elk burrs to finish the piece.

Each antler piece is unique in size, shape and color due to the nature of antler growth on the animals. Because of this, these antler pieces are considered collectibles and are also viewed as art in addition to the practical purpose that each piece serves to the consumer. Each antler piece is amazing and special because they allow nature’s beauty indoors!