Anvil Wrapping Machines Are Beneficial for the Food Produce Industry

Food retailers have been wrapping their produce, such as fruit and vegetables with clear cellophane or cling film for decades. It is a good way to close and seal a pack of apples or grapes while still making it visible to the customer. Every customer wants to see what the fruit or vegetables look like before they buy it. The only problem was that the staff had to seal the packs by hand and it would take many hours to complete a batch. Anvil Wrapping Machines are beneficial for the food industry because it reduces the wrapping time.

The Anvil Wrapping Machines are nifty units. There are 2 units to choose from namely, the 380MM and the 500MM options. Both units are suitable for food retailers who have much fruit, vegetables or other food produce to wrap. These machines use a large roll of cellophane to seal the food packs. You can save money by buying these rolls in bulk if you tend to use the machine daily. Each unit has a maximum roll size capacity of a 380 millimeter roll and a 500 millimeter roll, respectively. If you tend use the machine more or for larger packs, then the 500 millimeter roll is the better option. If you wrap smaller packs, then the 380 millimeter roll option is better suited.

The Anvil Wrapping Machines are lightweight and portable so you can use it anywhere in your store. This catering equipment can go to where the product stock is instead of bringing the produce to the machine. The 380MM unit weighs only 6 kilograms and the 500MM unit weighs 7 kilograms. Anyone can lift and carry these wrapping machines. In addition, they are not large, either, with the machine dimensions of 463 x 670 x 158 millimeters for the 380MM unit and 583 x 670 x 158 millimeters for 500MM unit.

With the Anvil Wrapping Machine you can wrap strawberries, grapes, bananas, oranges, mushrooms, cheese, onions, peppers, and cubed fruit or vegetables. It can be used in supermarkets that have a fresh produce section, by farmers who package their own produce, as well as by butcheries that may use it to seal meat packs. This machine is able to wrap these packs in a much faster time frame than you would be able to do by hand.

The Anvil Wrapping Machine is a very handy catering equipment that can be used by anyone in the food produce industry. It is lightweight, portable and makes wrapping an efficient and quick process.