Apartment Living With a Pet

Many apartment complexes allow pets, though there may be restrictions on types or sizes. It is wise to make certain your pet will be allowed before you take the time to visit an apartment home community. Most certainly a pet deposit and additional monthly rental charge will be applied for qualified pets. You will want to verify, and have put in the lease agreement, that if after moving in with pets, you decide not to have pets, that your rental rate will be reduced to that of a non-pet rental amount.

When you find an apartment to rent, and before moving in, here is a tip to strongly consider so you do not get charged for damage your pet did not create. Run a black light over carpet, hardwood floors and walls looking for evidence of urine stains. Any stains that are found should be pointed out before your pet enters the apartment. Besides alleviating you from damages your pet did not create, getting these stains removed or cleaned may reduce bad behaviors from your pet.

If you have a cat, be sure to place scratching posts to reduce the risk of property damage. Also, cats like to climb, so finding an apartment with high windows or other features that are high will please your pet.

When you are looking at pet friendly apartments, consider where you will exercise your pet. Are there areas to walk, or run? Check the city ordinances as well as complex rules about picking up after your pet in these areas. For sure be prepared to pick up after your pet in common areas such as parking lots, breezeways, hallways, elevators, lobbies, etc. Doing so is not only the right thing to do, it shows respect to your non pet owning neighbors and makes it more likely that the apartment complex will continue to have pet friendly policies.

If you find your pet is destructive when being left alone, consider finding a pet day care or some other accommodation to keep it company while you are away. Be especially sensitive to your dog’s habits, such as barking, or other noise making behaviors that may be a nuisance. Special training may be necessary to reduce or eliminate these behaviors.

In some areas, such as when an area is just starting development, pets are a welcome sight as they signal that people are not just in the area, but are living in the area.

By being a conscientious pet owner, with a well behaved pet, there is no reason apartment living should exclude people and their pets.