Apartment Renters – Factors to Consider Before Renting an Apartment

For most people, the monthly rent is their top consideration when they are deciding on whether or not to rent an apartment. While the monthly rent is definitely a very important factor, it is not the only one renters should consider. There are dozens of other issues that can affect your decision when you are looking for an apartment: the size of the place, the number of rooms, the neighborhood where the apartment is located, and sharing the apartment with a roommate.

All too often, renters find themselves in a pickle when they realize there is something about the apartment they are renting that does not quite match their preferences. To avoid this problem, find out as much about a potential apartment before making your decision. Start by going online and searching for places that fit your desired description. Narrow down your list to those apartments you think you like to live in. Of course, you have to make sure that the apartments in your list also fall within your budget range.

The next step would be to visit each apartment one by one. This visit will give you an opportunity to see each potential apartment up close and get a feel of whether or not it is right for you. It will also give you a chance to ask the landlord about the amenities (if it is an apartment complex), the type of neighbors who live in the area, the accessibility to schools and hospitals, and anything else you want to know.

If you are a single person looking for an apartment, something you might want to consider is sharing the apartment with a roommate. This option has its share of advantages and disadvantages so you really have to put a lot of thought into it before making your decision. For one thing, having a roommate means you get to share the rent with another person. The more roommates you have, the cheaper your share on the rent will be. Also, even if you and the others have small budgets individually, you might be able to afford a larger and better apartment when you pool your finances.

Sharing an apartment with somebody you know and trust can work very well. In fact, it can even be a lot of fun. However, rooming with someone you do not know very well is like drawing a wild card. There is always a chance your personalities may clash, creating tension and disparity in an otherwise peaceful living environment. The worst case scenario would be finding yourself in a "Single White Female" type of situation, wherein your roommate turns out to be a not-so-stable and dangerous person. This is why if you do choose to share an apartment with a stranger, do your best to screen her before deciding to live with her in the same apartment.

Finally, once you have selected the apartment you want to rent and everything is in place, read the contract fully before affixing your signature. Keep in mind the rental agreement is a legally binding agreement that may work for or against you in case a dispute arises. You have to realize that as a renter, you have certain rights, as well as responsibilities. There is nothing to lose by understanding these details before finalizing your rental contract.