Apartment Security

Apartment and condo dwellers need to worry about security just as much as people who own or rent houses. When it comes to apartment security, an apartment dweller might have fewer options than homeowners, but they do have options, and they should keep some simple, straightforward suggestions in mind. There are plenty of things apartment dwellers can do to promote apartment security and safety within the rules and regulations of the lease they signed.

First, look for apartments in secure buildings or complexes. It is not a perfect world, and you might not always be able to find a secure location, but do make it a priority. The lot should be gated and closed to intruders, or people who do not have a key or a pass, and the lot should also be well-lit. It would be ideal if the apartment complex had a contract with a security company, or something set up with the local police station so a cruiser patrolled the area regularly. When looking for a new apartment, be sure to ask the property managers about these issues.

Another aspect of apartment security is what you can personally do to keep unwanted intruders out of your apartment. If the door does not already have a deadbolt, get permission to install one. Always make sure your doors are locked, even when you are home. Use your peephole and demand identification verification from anybody claiming to be a delivery driver. Never take deliveries for your neighbors or agree to hold packages that are not addressed to you.