Apartments in Jacksonville FL Which Approve Despite Broken Lease, Bad Credit Or Felony

Jacksonville, located in Duval county, is Florida’s largest city surpassing even Miami in terms of population explosion (around 1.3 million). This seaside city has continued to boom especially after its consolidation with the Duval county and its close proximity to the Gulf and also the ST John’s River. Thousands of people make Jacksonville their home each year and these are in addition to its many residents who live mostly within city limits. As such, apartment complexes in Jacksonville continue to receive a continuous stream of applicants. Normally, it would be easy to rent a good apartment in this city but recently, most apartments have adapted stringent credit and rental history checks which have seen many people being turned away. There are however some apartments within Jacksonville which either do not check credit or when they do are willing to give problem applicants a second chance. This means that even with a broken lease, an applicant may be able to secure approval after passing a few standard requirements. But these apartments are not easily located and tenants with prior problems can waste tremendous time and money going from apartment to apartment and being denied.

Let us examine a few locales in Jacksonville where one can rent an apartment even with bad credit, a broken lease and/or a criminal record:

  • North Jackson
  • Northwest
  • Southeast Jacksonville
  • Mandarin
  • West Jacksonville

This list is not exhaustive. As we mentioned earlier, there are many other areas where these types of apartments may exist. Locating and narrowing down to these apartments is not easy but it is possible if one has the right knowledge of how and where to look.

Some people are of the persuasion that these types of apartments, usually referred to as “second chance apartments”, are located in dilapidated sections of town. This may or may not be true. There are excellent, well-maintained and elegant apartments in safe neighborhoods which will be willing to approve a tenant who has prior rental issues.

One way of looking is to use the Internet. This is by far the most convenient way to search because one need not waste time and fuel driving around town. One challenge with second chance Jacksonville apartments is that they do not usually advertize meaning that sometimes one cannot easily unearth these complexes. The apartments themselves also want to remain anonymous because they do not want to attract the “wrong kind” of tenants which may result in the decline of rental prices. Usually some apartments will approve a felony but only if it is old enough, usually 7 years or more.