Apple iPod Nano – Music of Genuine Digital Audio

The emerging popularity of portable music players gave a new opportunity for Apple to dominate in the digital audio entertainment industry. With their breakthroughs and innovative ideas with their computer and software applications, there is no doubt that their digital audio players are of superb quality. Apple iPod Nano is one of their unbeatable products that gathered severe public interest.

First generation iPod Nano is capable of holding 1GB of data while the successor, the forth generation can hold up to 16GB of data. Is this possible? Definitely! Apple had made it this far with the nano through the use of general purpose integrated circuit. As opposed to other versions of iPod released by Apple, the nano uses flash memory similar to the iPod Shuffle. Older versions of the iPod were built-in with hard drive for data storage and were prone to system failure due to damaged hard drives.

Several features of the nano were taken from its predecessor, the iPod mini, which was discontinued when the nano was first released. Features like the display screen and the famous “click wheel” are among the signatures included with the nano. To enhance these features, hardware components were also miniaturized creating a compact player. The battery, display screen, and other internal components were greatly improved and reduced in sizes.

Uploading data to the player is made more convenient with the use of iTunes on Mac OS X and several Microsoft Windows operating systems. There are also additional third party software applications that allow the transfer of data from the computer to the player. With its support to the USB 2.0 standards transferring data is made faster and reliable. Not only does it store and translate audio data. The player can also store image files and video files with superb resolution display.

The fourth generation nano comes up with high end technology. Aside from its 8GB to 16GB storage capacity, additional software and hardware components can be seen on the player. The addition of the new Genius software allows a user to instantly create a play list of 25 songs of any genre. On the hardware side, a new   tilt-sensor  similar to that of the iPhone and iPod Touch is gracefully suited on the player. This  tilt-sensor  provides extra features like setting the player to a shuffle mode once triggered with a vigorous shake. The sensor also detects the current position of the player whether horizontally or vertically and orients the images to the display screen position.

Well known extensions such as Audible 2, Audible 3, Audible 4, MP3 VBR, WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC, and Apple Lossless are supported by the player. The 4th generation iPod Nano is totally an explosion. Combine it with compatible accessories and you’ll definitely create an environment of genuine digital entertainment.