Apple iPod Touch 8 GB (2nd Generation) – An Honest Review

I have been a big fan of the original iPod touch and have been using one since its launch a couple of years ago. Recently, I inadvertently cracked the screen (long story) of my iPod so I got my self the new 8GB Apple iPod touch (2nd Generation). I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and not only did I notice that it has many improvements over the original model, but it sets many new standards for modern portable media players. Here is a quick look and this 2nd generation model.

Although the new model is pretty much the same size as its predecessor, its new rounded design makes it look slimmer. It retains its shiny stainless steel back that despite looks fantastic, it is a magnet for fingerprints and scratches. The new model is also a little lighter that the original

The Apple iPod touch 8 GB (2nd Generation) has a gorgeous scratch-resistant screen that display amazingly vivid visuals. It does pretty well under indoor lighting conditions where it can automatically adjust its brightness and contrasts to the ambient lights. Under direct sunlight however, the screen becomes less visible. To be fair, there are hardly any media players out there that produces good pictures under direct sunlight.

As i use the Apple iPod touch to listen to music most of the time, I was not able to adjust the volume of my music without taking the device out of my pocket and adjusting the volume on the screen. The new model has added physical volume control buttons onto it that is just heaven-sent. I am now able to adjust the volume of my music without taking the player out of my pocket or bag. There are also slight improvements in the quality of audio and video playback.