Appliances and You!

It is easy to take for granted the appliances that we use every day. Never really giving a thought to what life would be like without them. Most of us are used to having that piece of toast fresh from the toaster, along with a cup of coffee fresh from the coffee maker to be drank from a cup taken out of the dishwasher. Bacon and eggs that were kept fresh in the refrigerator and cooked in the electric skillet. Biscuits straight from the oven. Putting on clean clothes that were washed in the washer and dried in the dryer. Drying our hair with a hair dryer and then using a curling iron to get it just right. We could have used an electric toothbrush and maybe had to iron those clothes we just put on. Just to get going in the morning we have used a toaster, coffee maker, dishwasher, electric skillet, washer, dryer, oven, hair dryer, curling iron, electric toothbrush and an iron. I am sure I missed something, and the reason for that, of course, is that I take appliances for granted. It's amazing the appliances we use without giving it a second thought.

Just imagine in this day and age, without the use of appliances, trying to do everything I just mentioned and trying to get to work by eight AM Good luck to ya! Does setting the clock radio getting out from under that electric blanket at three AM sound right to you? Oops, sorry about that. I forgot there for a moment that we were imagining not having any appliances. I guess we'll have to figure another way to get up at three.

Now I am not about to sit here and try and tell you about the "good ole days." You know about, or have at least hear about, stoking the fire in the stove, or putting the block of ice in the ice box. I've heard the stories, as I am sure most of you have, and am even sure that some reading this have actually lived it. I will concede the fact that times now are not what they used to be, and without the handy appliances we use everyday would be unbearable for some and unbelievable for others.

We here at RitzyShopper do not want anyone, at any time, ever, to go without the convenience of having whatever appliance they need or desire. The merchants we proudly display on our pages are there to supply you with only the finest, top of the line, brand name appliances on the market today. Order what you need today!