Applications Of A Mobile Crushing Bucket In The Quarrying Industry

Mobile crushing equipment has become increasingly popular in recent years in quarrying applications, offering a tremendous amount of flexibility. Although static crushing plant and equipment still continues to enjoy a key function in the quarrying industry, due to their ability to process high capacities, mobile crushing has distinct advantages over its static counterpart.

One option, which gives even more versatility for certain applications, is a crushing bucket to an excavator. These are hydraulically driven and can be easily attached to most excavators. Crushing buckets are typically perfect for crushing inert rock and waste materials directly on site, including rock, hardcore, stone, tile, concrete, glass and asphalt. This allows immediate on-site recycling and reuse of waste materials. They are ideal for a range of applications and are predominantly used in the mining, quarrying, construction, demolition, recycling and landscaping industries. There are multiple reasons to crush waste on site and some of the main reasons for doing so are listed below.

The main advantages of a crushing bucket are:

· It crushes materials directly on site

· Only one bucket is required to demolish, crush, recycle and load materials

· It reduces the use of mechanical pieces of equipment

· It solves the problem of having to dispose of demolition materials offsite

· It cuts down on time, transportation and manpower costs

· It is ideal for small and large worksites

· It allows materials to be recycled, resulting in significant savings

· It offers enhanced operator safety, reduced transport costs and quick installation and changeover

· It is much more versatile than traditional and cumbersome crushing plant

· It can be used to load materials directly to a truck, eliminating the use of another bucket needed with traditional crushers

A crushing bucket can compliment large mobile crushers on wheel by offering more flexibility. It is a useful and must-have piece of equipment for people who work in special locations such as quarries and mines, or at any worksite of a complex nature. The crushing bucket can be used as a complementary tool for primary crushing, and can easily be transported together with the operating excavator. Using the bucket, you can crush materials anywhere, from steep areas to worksites with extremely difficult conditions (marble quarries, gold mines). Crushed materials can be reused on site or loaded/even crushed directly onto trucks so that they can be hauled to other locations or delivered direct to customers, eliminating a loading stage in the crushing process.