Applications, Types of Cable Ties and Circuit Breakers

Cable tie or zip tie is a type of fastener made of composite polymer materials like nylon which used to bind multiple cables or wires together. Use of composite materials make it’s a light and strong thus making it a good fastener for extreme conditions. There are various types of cable ties based on the material of construction, size and the application where it’s used. These can also be divided based on the load bearing capacity of it.

Cable tie might look like a new word for common public but its part of the most home appliances which is part of their day to day-life. It’s primary usage is in binding electrical wires or cables in most complex electrical networked systems. This not only acts as a binding member but also helps in maintaining crew in identifying the complex circuits based on its color. Colored Cable ties used in a complex cable systems such as power plants, aircraft and spaceships also helps the identifying the function of cable and its peripheries, Because in complex wiring systems similar types of wires are held together using a binding tie.

These breakers are the safety devices. As its label suggest these breaks the circuits in case of acute scenarios like electric overload and short-circuit. It has an advantage of conventional fuses. Circuit breakers are more efficient compared to fuses and also breaks the circuit without self-destructing unlike the fuses. Circuit breakers can be classified based on the principal of its operation. There are various types of circuit breakers like magnetic breakers, thermal magnetic circuit breakers, Common trip breakers etc. These breakers can also be classified based on its capacity like low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage circuit breakers. Few of the reputed electrical safety device manufacturers have come up with compact and highly efficient types like Glass type breakers and blade type circuit breakers. And again these types are available in both automatic and manual styles thus giving a wide range of options for the customers without compromising on quality.