Arai Motorcycle Helmet – RX-7 Helmet Review

Many riders searching for the best helmet that money can buy, land on the RX-7 Arai motorcycle helmet. This helmet certainly has many top notch features, but it's not without it's flaws.

Let's start with the helmet's strong points. The RX-7 Arai Motorcycle Helmet is one of the safest on the market. Arai has drawn on its 50 year's of experience to develop an extremely safe helmet. With the RX-7 Corsair, they've even managed to reduce the weight at the same time as increasing strength.

After safety, most riders agree that comfort is the next most important factor. No doubt about it, this is one comfortable helmet. The RX-7 Arai motorcycle helmet is offered in 2 distinct interior shapes and sizes from XS to XXL. Optional lining thicknesses and cheekpad sizes allow you to customize the helmet for the perfect fit.

One of the biggest benefits of the RX-7 Arai motorcycle helmet over its competitors is the airflow system. On long hot rides, you'll be glad you're wearing an Arai motorcycle helmet. The intake and exhaust ports efficiently move air through the helmet and effectively keep your head cool. Ironically, this is also the biggest flaw in the helmet.

While the increased airflow is a welcome to your hot head, it's not easy on the ears. Wind noise is noticeably louder on this helmet than on competitors and previous Arai motorcycle helmets. It seems that the increased wind flow is the cause of this extra noise. It's so loud, that at times it's even hard to hear engine noise. It's not the end of the world, but it's something to consider. If this is a deal-killer for you, consider another Arai motorcycle helmet.

The high price tag of this helmet is also considered to be a big negative. The helmet is expensive, but we're talking about your head. A few are On there good deals on Arai helmets on the web.

Overall, the RX-7 Arai motorcycle helmet is a top notch helmet. If you can live with the wind noise, you'll appreciate the superior safety, comfort, and cooling capabilities of this helmet. So, if you're looking for the perfect helmet, it does not exist. But this is probably as close as you're gonna get.