Arc Rise Fantasia Wii Gameplay Details and Storyline

The Arc Rise Fantasia Wii is a game that has been released in Japan in 2009 and is due to be released in the US in 2010. This apart, the game is a leading and interesting game from the Nintendo stables that is expected to set the whole of the gaming market in the US on fire with its unique characteristics as well as inimitable storyline. Every game worth its salt has a riveting story line as well as characters that are larger than life. There is an element of exaggeration in games so as to appeal to the gamers who are willing to spend their time and money on the game.

When it comes to the strength and the zing in the storyline, the Arc Rise Fantasia Wii game does not disappoint one bit. This is a story that looks at the empire of Meridian. This is a fairly peaceful empire till it starts getting attacked by the Contaminant Dragons. As the name implies these contaminant dragons are not only vicious and blood thirsty but also poisonous and polluting. They try to attack Meridian in flocks and whenever they get killed, they lead to explosions that contaminate the atmosphere and create huge problems for the natives of Meridian.

The Arc Rise Fantasia Wii progresses as the empire of Meridian realizes that its capital of Diamant is going to be attacked by the dragons and sends a team including L'arc a novice mercenary to kill and eliminate the threat posed by these dragons. L'Arc is also befriended by Alf, who is the crown price of Meridian. The story also sees L'Arc being wounded and being helped by a girl whose name is Ryfia, and who has some mystical powers that can help in the case of luminous rain that occurs sometimes.

The element of twist in the tale in Arc Rise Fantasia Wii comes with L'Arc and Alf fall it from each other. Alf starts his own band of counter dragon force, but it also means that L'Arc and Alf's teams start to confront and oppose each other. This means that there are 3 opposing teams and it is the play and the battles between these that constitute the game. It is another matter that the turns in the game play mode are determined by the kind of actions taken by the players which is indeed quite interesting and something that lends to the unexpected nature of the game.