Arc Welding Business Tips

An experienced arc welder should, at some point in time, embark on his own business rather than be employed eternally. Of course, a welder has to initially gain some useful work experience before venturing out on his own. Even some less confident arc welders, instead of straightaway starting a full fledged business, can undertake a few part-time assignments and gradually expand his customer base before quitting employment.

There is no denying that starting one’s own business is a serious matter and lot of ground work is needed. Further you must acquire complete proficiency in arc welding, mig welding and tag welding and it is not prudent to abandon employment till you become confident that you can handle all types of arc welding jobs.

It is preferable that even welders who have some experience enroll in a vocational program and undergo formal training to further hone their skills. This will go a long way in further enriching your knowledge before you venture out on your own welding business.

As a matter of fact, it is advisable that you acquire a certificate from The American Welding Society to inspire confidence in your customers. Of course, you will have to appear for an exam to receive the certification – but it is worth spending the time and money.

Demand a minimum price for any work you undertake and scrupulously avoid doing arc welding work free even for your close friends. The word will soon spread around that people can approach you for some odd arc welding jobs without having to pay for it.

People should not expect you do free jobs merely because you have the welder equipment. Remember you have paid for the welder equipment and the consumables and it should be you intention to recover the cost together with the concomitant profit elements. The first qualification to become a successful businessman is to develop the required business acumen.

The job of a welder is to join metal parts by melting and fusing them together. Many industrial sectors including automobile, aerospace, fabricators and ship builders have regular work for welders. According to recent surveys, the arc welding business has immense potential for growth and any welder aspiring to set up independent business is bound to thrive.

Before setting up your own establishment for doing arc welding jobs, you will need to apply for a business license and fulfill all other legal formalities – which may differ from state to state. Licenses are typically issued through your city or county business department.

Needless to say, effective marketing is the key to your business success. You must concentrate on field sales activities to secure jobs. It will be worthwhile to become a member of the local chamber of commerce to interact with local businesses. Spread word among industry circles about your arc welding business. Explore the possibilities of becoming a sub-contractor to larger companies who are overburdened with arc welding work and will be eager to outsource some welding work.

Despite the long history of welding, not much research has been done in the field of welding safety. Arc welding, or for that matter all types of welding entail risk of physical injury from excessive heat, pressurized flammable gas, and electricity. Learn to use safety techniques to protect yourself, and those nearby, from the hazards of welding.