Arch Supports – #1 Metatarsalgia Treatment

Can Arch Supports Help Relieve my Metatarsalgia Pain?

Metatarsalgia involves a sharp, dull or burning pain around the forefoot, or ball of foot. It is particularly common among women who wear high heeled and pointed toed shoes. The pain is normally felt under the middle toes at the ball of the foot. You may feel like you are ‘stepping on a golf ball’ or a pebble and can experience tingling of the toes.

One of the most common findings with metatarsalgia is dropped metatarsal heads. This can sometimes be associated with overpronation. Pronation occurs when the foot moves in an inward rolling motion that usually causes the arch of the foot to flatten when pressure is applied. Overpronation is when this rolling motion is excessive. To improve this biomechanical issue, your doctor may recommend arch supports (foot orthotics). It can also occur in a more rigid, supinated foot.

How Are Arch Supports Designed For Metatarsalgia?

Proper supports designed for metatarsalgia will work to minimize the stress on the metatarsal bones and metatarso-phalangeal joints (the joints at the base of the toes at the ball of the foot). Metatarsal pads are often added to the device help relieve pressure at this painful point on the foot while supporting the arches at the same time.

Arch supports for metatarsalgia in the pronated foot include this padding and support to prevent excessive motion of the foot and ankle joints. Pain and injury can easily occur due to poor foot alignment associated with overpronation, so pronation should be addressed in treatment if it is present. In a supinated foot, foot orthotics can offer support to accommodate high arches.

Foot orthotics for metatarsalgia also help distribute your weight away from the central painful area and more evenly over all five metatarsal bones, and throughout the feet. This reduction in pressure reduces metatarsalgia pain. By supporting both the longitudinal (regular arch) and transverse arches (across the foot), they help provide stability and relief from fatigue as well as pain. Metatarsalgia can be a very painful condition and arch supports specific designed for the condition are usually the best solution.