Archangel Jophiel – Angel of Illumination

Although there are few references to this archangel in traditional scripture and literature, Archangel Jophiel is known as the Angel of Illumination. His mission is to enlighten mankind to the teachings of the Christ, Mohammed and other prophets and angels. This archangel is also known to some as the Angel of Beauty, the Hebrew meaning of the name being “beauty of God”.

Archangel Jophiel’s Colors: Yellow and Gold

Archangel Jophiel is said to bring the wisdom of God to man along a ray of yellow or gold. It is noted that in Christian literature or art, the golden halo surrounding the angels or prophets represents this wisdom. For Hindus, the crown chakra is understood to be the divine yellow center of illumination and higher knowledge. The ray of yellow is said not only to bring wisdom, but also to present a fresh approach to life and a return to enchantment.

Developing Intuition and Inspiration with Archangel Jophiel

Many credit Jophiel with bringing those sudden flashes of inspiration and the development of intuition, creativity, insight and inner wisdom. This archangel is said to be a resource for help along the spiritual pathway, for a deeper understanding of one’s true nature, for clearer insight and awareness, for wisdom and knowledge, and for the education of the heart. Jophiel’s influence is said to bring new thoughts and ideas, especially in the areas of art, writing and creative projects.

A Patron Archangel of Education

Although the emphasis of an archangel is often focused on spiritual wisdom, Jophiel is also said to be present in the areas of education, inspiring those attending schools and colleges and other places of education. He is said to place his presence in these institutions in order to combat ignorance, mediocrity, pride and narrow-mindedness and impress instructors with more divinely inspired presentations of lessons and more advanced systems of teaching.

Experience Jophiel’s Joy and Laughter

Sometimes in solving problems, Jophiel is credited with presenting us with creative solutions and bringing joy, light and laughter to the process. This might include studying for exams, concentration or meeting with co-workers or bosses. Jophiel can be applied to for assistance with absorbing information, passing tests and dissolving blocks to our own clear seeing and knowing. Sometimes the introduction of joy and laughter frees our minds to experience inner light, inner knowledge, happiness and the very creative power of God.

Archangel Jophiel Speaks to Spiritual Seekers Today

Archangel Jophiel continues to inspire and uplift spiritual seekers through his messages of light in the modern world. Jophiel’s heartstream on May 21, 2005:

I am a servant of the fount of the Father’s wisdom manifest through its practical ingenuity in you. This practicality is the intuitive gift that is the end result of the use of illumination to serve life, to raise mankind out of a lowly life of simply surviving in an animal consciousness. For wisdom does spark that inner knowledge of the soul that discerns the need to know the light and power of the Father manifest through the love of the Mother combined in the offspring of perfect wisdom through the Son/Daughter Spirit of God.

Thus, you must know the birthing within of greater wisdom if you are to be carried higher in spiritual understanding and thereby teach others the way. Meeting a people who have borne this fount of inner wisdom for centuries will assist you in discerning a new paradigm of thinking, of intuiting and of cloaking all that you perceive in the golden-yellow color of our gift to you.

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