Archery – The Splendid Hit and Win Game

Age recommendations

There is no upper age limit defined for Archery. You would even see people continue it and perform very well into their 80s. However, several studies reveal that children less than 7 are not fully able to comprehend the safety instructions and requirements. Where as, 10 years of age can be considered as a sensible lower limit; when the child is physically strong enough to handle the bow and arrow.

Health disclosure

While being a popular social sport, Archery has a number of health benefits involved and the most significant feature is that it can be equally enjoyed by able bodied and disabled people. Even the most severely disabled and even the blind can get involved in Archery using special tactile equipment. A few other elated benefits are listed below;

i. Benefits

  • Strengthening of muscles and shoulders
  • Boosts hand and eye coordination
  • Strengthens the hands and fingers
  • Enhancing the ability to focus the target
  • Develops efficient arms and upper body

ii. Associated Syndromes & Injuries

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome -this usually occurs when the players continue to grasp something, stressing their wrists
  • Charcot Marie Tooth disease (CMT) -when the muscles of the hands and legs weaken occasionally, while the others retain their strength
  • Wallenberg’s syndrome – a condition related to neurology; caused by a stroke in the vertebral. It can be caused due to rapid movements of the neck


The idea of pulling an arrow and achieving your target takes you back to the mythical age. It gives you a sense of pride and arrogance; just like carrying an attitude of your own. Archery, with the passage of time has undergone several changes and the equipment used, has been assigned various codes for making it easier to select; according to age and size. There are a number of clubs and associations linked with Archery nowadays. They not only conduct classes for the passionate to learn but also provide relevant assistance for buying proper equipment. The experts in the field recommend the learners to use equipment provided by the clubs; for a small fee, until they are well experienced.

Archery has been assigned various codes depending upon the type but the most commonly practiced form is the target and field.

  • The Target archery is usually carried out in a flat field and requires archers to shoot a specific number of arrows at targets; priory established values. This is the type you would also have seen in the Olympics where the players try to shoot at a bull’s eye.
  • Field archery involves shooting at different targets of varying distances. This type is usually arranged in woods making the archers follow a prescribed course; negotiate various terrains including hills, bushes and trees, slopes, etc. the archers are normally allowed to shoot a maximum of 3 arrows at each target.

Along with requiring a lot of skill and practice, Archery needs a player to be patient and focused at the same time. However, you can never expect to shoot right in the centre at a very initial level. Hours of training and preparation is needed to achieve perfection, it is best if you join a club and take regular classes. Again, as mentioned earlier, you must be very particular about the equipment that you get. It’s important to buy a bow that’s properly sized and matches your physique. In simple words, choose the one that is easier to pull and requires less effort. The arrows too, should be long enough to pull and set the bow at rest.

Archery helps you achieve mental toughness aside from physically grooming yourself. It has proven to be a very good exercise and wonderful time pass. Practice can make you perfect over time and also lead to vast improvement. However, being patient is the key to success! Joining a club for the game helps you expand your social circle and meet-up with people with similar hobbies.