Archery Women Hunting

If you are just starting out as a bowhunter, I have a few tips that may help you purchase your hunting equipment. One of the most important and costly item is your bow. Before deciding on the particular bow to purchase, you should always try one out. It should be comfortable to hold, easy and smooth to pullback to your anchor point. I will make one recommendation only because I have tried one out personally and I love it. My selection of a new bow today would the Mathews Switchback XT. It's short in length for maneuverability, light in weight, smooth to draw back and very fast and forgiving. But what ever you're comfortable with after trying it out is up to you.

Arrows may be your next items to purchase and is very critical to how you choose. The stiffness of the shaft or your arrow size is all decided after you know a few things about your bow and bow speed and what weight your broadhead will be. The length of the arrow is also critical. For instance; my draw weight is 70 # pull with medium action cam, a bow speed of 240 to 250 feet per second. My arrow length is 29 inches and my broadhead weight is 100 grains. The arrow I have chose and works very well for me is; Easton A / C / C (aluminum and carbon) 3-49 / 390. That is the stiffness of the arrow. A good chart you may want to look at if you are purchasing over the internet is found at Bass I've used this and it is pretty accurate. I am also very lucky for the fact that my nephew owns an archery shop nearby and I try out my arrows first.

Hunting out of a tree stand can bother some people because of being afraid of heights. If this is a problem for you I suggest using a ladder stand. They vary in heights from 10 feet to about 16 feet tall. They are very stable and comfortable and usually give you the sense of being safe up that high. If not, try using them at home with someone around to watch you while you climb. This practice can give you the confidence to be able to use one out in the field while hunting alone. If this does not help and you can not get off the ground then you simply use a ground blind. We had to use ground blinds for years and they worked quite well when properly placed in a strategic spot.

Hunting clothes depends an awful lot on the weather and temperature you will be hunting in. The camouflage that I prefer is usually a light weight coat and pants and a decision of what I wear underneath it comes with the weather. My favorite brand or style which I think blends into the terrain almost anywhere is Sticks n Limbs, bibs and jacket. Only in severe cold do I wear my thick insulated bib overalls and insulated jacket with a full face stocking hat. Good fitting insulated rubber boots is a must. The heaviness of the insulation depends on how cold the temperature is. I have three different styles of boots I wear depending on the weather.

I like to carry a fanny pack or backpack with me while hunting. I've found that I've run out of pockets for all my gear. I almost always carry a grunt call, knife, binoculars (8 power), small saw, toilet paper, range finder and scent eliminator. A flashlight is not only handy but a big safety factor while going and coming to your stand in the dark. Now that I am older, I also carry a walky talky for safety reasons, so I can call my hunting partner or call home in case of an emergency.

These are just a few suggestions for a archery women hunting trip. Shoot Straight and be Safe !!!