Architectural Ironmongery Products and Materials

The term Ironmongery represents the iron items that are used in buildings and structures. These things are used for a number of different purposes. The most frequent use of these items is in banisters, handles, and railings in buildings. There are an array of different products and materials for ironmongery that are used as fixtures and fittings in buildings.

In Ironmongery, there are lever handles, pull handles, gate latches, bolts, hinges, locks, knobs, holders, restrictors, door openers, and many other different kinds of equipments. High quality iron is used for making lever handles that are meant to be corrosion resistant. These handles are available in different kinds of designs and sizes depending upon the needs and requirements of the buyer.

Latches are available for all kinds of gates and these latches can also be custom made according to the specifications of the buyer. High-grade iron is put to use for making towers and Breton bolts in which the threads of the bolts is paid high attention in terms of precision and quality.

Hinges in different designs and sizes are available for use in doors, cabinets, and windows. Other than door hinges, front hinges are also available at many stores for different uses. Manufacturers specify endurance test for ironmongery products, and the products should confirm to this test to verify that the product is of good quality.

The main types of Ironmongery, in terms of sales falls in hinges, door closers, and locks. When buying the hinges, it is important to consider the kind of conditions in which the construction is being done. This means that the coating of the hinges should be able to withstand ambient weather conditions and should not deteriorate. Different kinds of product finishes are available for different kinds of places, for example the seaside.

The locks also need to fulfil certain conditions in order to be good for buying. First is the fact that the door lock should ensure quality security conditions. The finish should also be the right one and resistant to weather. When it comes to door security, the different kinds of products that are available are door viewers, door restrictions, door chains, and many others.

Door handles come mainly in brass and chrome and vary in the design and size. Window security and equipment is also available and falls under the category of architectural ironmongery. Products made from black antique iron are also very popular products, and people often use products made of antique iron in different places of the building.

Draught and rain excluders are other very popular products. There are also Escutcheons, which serve the purpose of not only offering security, but also decorating the door. Fingerplates are also used in homes and offices and serve the purpose of decoration. Knockers and letterboxes are also available with many sellers and they are made in different materials including antique black iron. There are also drawer pulls, doorknockers, and signage made from iron, which are good for conveying important instructions on doors and other places.