Are Auto Dash Covers a Good Idea?

The question is clear if you know what an auto dash cover is. It is not so clear if you are not sure what an auto dash   mat  is. These covers go by several different names including: dash covers, dashboard covers, and dash  mats . Does this help or are you still wondering what a dash cover is?

When entering a vehicle one of the first components of the interior of the vehicle to rest your eyes on is the dashboard. As you make your way into the driver seat and settle in behind the wheel your eyes will meet the dashboard. It is the cover for that dashboard that is called the dash cover or  mat .

Dashboard covers are not a high price item. The cost of a dash  mat  will range from about forty dollars to a little over a hundred dollars depending on what customization you add to the dashmat. Most covers are custom made and are held in place on the dash with a velcro fastening system.

The dashboard area takes a lot of abuse from the penetrating rays of the sun. It plays havoc on the dash, causing the dash to dry out, crack, and discolor. Over time the dash can look just plain ugly. An auto dash cover will protect your dash from all of that and add comfort to your drive.

Dash  mats  are available in several material choices. Those material choices include suede, carpet, a molded fabric, and velour. The range in the materials allows for a lot of possibilities. The cover will add personality while giving protection to this important area. The dash  mat  can be ordered plain, without any extras, or it can be ordered personalized. You can add your name or initials to the  mat . If you want to cheer your team on than go for it. Maybe you were a Marine, have a connection to firefighters, or have a cause you believe in, there is probably a logo available for the dash  mat .

A dashboard cover is an accessory that makes sense. When in place not only does the cover protect the dash but it eliminates the glare of the sun adding comfort to your drive.

When ordering, remember to indicate if you have special sensors as part of your dash. If you have a light sensor let the manufacturer know so the custom dash cover is made to accommodate that sensor.

Are auto dash covers a good idea? Add one to your vehicle and you decide.