Are Classic Board Games Better?

There are some very innovative board games coming out these days. They've re-invented Monopoly with an electronic version and even re-invented Scrabble with a digital version. I remember when major manufacturers would re-release a game and it usually just had slightly different artwork and a new color scheme but now the new digital versions take the board game genre to a new level. Lights, sounds, music and talking directions allow for an absolutely new interaction.

Is this better? Is playing Monopoly with a credit card that tells you how much money you have in your account better than counting old-fashioned paper money? Is punching words into a new Scrabble screen better than starting at your own seven letters that sit in front of you?

Although you have criticisms on each side of the fence, the important thing here is interaction. Spending time with your children and having fun. The nostalgia of sharing something with them that was important to you as you grew up. And it does not only have to be a board game. Sitting down and watching "The Wizard of Oz", "National Velvet" or "Mary Poppins" instead of the latest TV cartoon – baking a cake with flour, eggs and sugar instead of using a box mix, or – recommending a book to read and see them actually read it and then talk to you about it. There's always a special joy in watching your children light up at enjoying something that used to be special to you when you were a child.

But is this even possible? Can you pry your children away from their hand-helds or computer games? And, with the older children, can they even do something without typing away on their cell phones every 2 minutes? The answer is definitely, yes! And although this may sound surprising, your children may actually like sitting down with you for an hour or two. And usually the most fun will come from a family board game.

Dig deep and think of the games that were important to you. And, although you tend to think of classic games as being old, new games such as "Dino-Bump" put a new twist on the old-fashioned board game concept that you grow up with. It has simple rules, is very fast paced, and will keep the family laughing. Comes with six, 5-1 / 2 "dinosaur playing pieces and a beautifully designed oversized board.

Okay, so I'm a little pretested, I invented Dino-Bump. But do yourself and your family a favor. Whatever you play my game or any old classic, spend a night with your family playing a board game that you loved as a child. Whether it's a modern electronic version, an original classic, or a new classic, you may be very surprised at the results.