Are Ground Moles Harmful to Humans?

Moles have no direct harm to human beings, rarely when a mole bites a person that is when we can say it has directly no harm someone. Moles are also known to cause rabies, so if a mole infected with rabies bites a person, it infects, the other harmful effects moles have on human beings are not direct.

Moles harm human beings by the destruction they cause to the land and the soil. By burrowing and digging out the earthworms and other insects in the soils, the moles are interfering with the erosion of the soil. When the moles burrow, they dig and leave the soils open and when it rains the soils are easily eroded by the rain water. When they eat up all these small insects, chances are that the soil will have no air and crops will not do well in these soils because they are insufficient.

Mounds and molehills caused by the moles can be dangerous to human being because walking and playing on unleveled grounds one can get an accident if they fell down.

However it is fair to give credit where deserved, as much as the moles have many negative effects, they also have something positive to talk about. Moles eat pests that are harmful to the plant roots such as cutworms, wireworms and leatherjacket, these pests need very expensive pesticides to control. Also when the moles burrow as they make the tunnels, they are aerating that soil.

As much as moles area nuisance and bother to humans, people are not allowed to kill them. In some states in the US it is illegal to kill a mole! It is therefore advisable that you get the best methods to control the mole and get rid of them. You can put up barriers to your lawns and flower gardens such that the moles cannot get over to your lawn. A well kempt lawn attracts moles as it is proof that there are many worms, which are food to the moles.

You can also keep some pets which do not get along with the moles. Cats specifically are an enemy to the moles. The fact is that moles dislike cat waste and cat litter. Make sure to keep a cat as a pet and you will have no moles on your lawn. Pour the cat litter at the opening of the tunnels and the moles will be a thing of the past.

Moles are afraid of scents. If you spray castor oil on the lawn and at the tunnels, the moles will run away.You will have to water the lawn before spraying with the castor oil. Castor oil will remain on the lawn until it is swept away by rains and you will have no moles on your lawn. You can also plant chocolate lilies around your yard; these lilies have a strong odor that is distasteful to the moles. Therefore it is good to plant bulbs all round your garden. One more rather weird way of keeping moles way from your lawn is by putting human hair at the mole tunnels, moles hate the feel of hair and human scent so they will run away.