Are Hair Loss Medications Safer Than Natural Supplements

If you’re anything like a lot of men with thinning hair, then it probably feels like you’ve tried every hair loss medication in the world. If you’re still looking, it’s most likely because nothing you’ve tried so far has actually worked. Sometimes, these medication causes side effects that are too problematic to ignore; other times, there is no noticeable benefit in taking a particular medication, and you end up throwing it out. Frustrating, isn’t it? One of the biggest problems with a lot of products today is that they’re geared for use by both men and women – and a man, your problem is probably androgenic alopecia.

Natural Treatments And Androgenic Alopecia

You’re most likely more familiar with the common term for androgenic alopecia – male pattern baldness. This is the most common culprit behind hair loss in men, by far. Yet so many kinds of medication completely disregard the science behind what causes male pattern baldness, hoping to cash in on and appeal to as many customers as possible. Today’s natural products are the few kinds of medication available that are specifically designed to deal with the underlying causes of male pattern baldness.

Nip Thinning Hair In The Bud

DHT Blockers are an exciting type hair loss medication that work in two very distinct ways. Their oral supplements work to block the hormone known as DHT – or dihydrotestosterone – preventing it from being produced in the first place. Some DHT Blockers also contain a topical serum to gently massage into the scalp to help create a fertile environment for fresh, new hair to regrow. Men who have tried virtually every medication under the sun swear by DHT Blockers because they actually work – and keep on working. Since they are all natural, they can be safely used every single day.

  Ditch  That Ineffective Hair Loss Medication

Quit wasting your money on those medications that don’t do a thing to improve your situation. Invest in a natural product that actually works. Natural hair loss products work with a man’s body to combat hair loss safely and naturally. A proven hair loss product that may be able to help is Procerin. For more information on Procerin visit