Are Hydrogen Booster Kits Safe For You and Your Car? Read on and Find Out

Safety should always be uppermost on one's mind when dealing with flammable substances.

Recommended safety precautions should always be strictly observed.

Safety is definitely a lot cheaper than an accident.

Compare the hazards of dealing with combustible substances such as gasoline and hydrogen.

It is my view that hydrogen gas, in its uncompressed state and in an open space, is less hazardous than gasoline.

Spilled gasoline will present a fire hazard until cleaned up or evaporated.

Spilled hydrogen gas, being lighter than air, will disperse very quickly and more or less disappear.

It will disappear so rapidly that you will not have the time to flick a lighter in an attempt to ignite the gas.

Just do not try this in the privacy of your home!

Yes, you will ask, but what about the Hindenburg Zeppelin? Good question!

Hydrogen gas, unlike most other substances, is invisible when it burns. When the Hindenburg Zeppelin burnt there was plenty of visible color caused by the burning fabric coating of this magnificent airship. The highly flammable coating, prone to electrostatic buildup, of this airship is claimed to be the cause of the fire and not the hydrogen gas.

An airship filled with noncombustible helium and coated with the same flammable coating would also go up in flames given the same circumstances. However, this would result in less dramatic consequences since there would be no hydrogen enhanced combustion process.

When you purchase the, very well written and researched, "Add on Hydrogen Gas Generator" instruction manual to help you improve your fuel economy and beat high gas prices, you have to follow its safety instructions to the letter.

Unfortunately, a lot of people either do not pay attention to manuals at all or barely read them.

I design pictorial assembly manuals with as little writing as possible and rest assured, no matter how foolproof I think I designed the manual, there is always a better fool just around the corner; you just can not beat them.

Far too many people want to cut corners and decide not to install a highly recommended flashback arrestor, which is designed to protect the Hydrogen Gas Generator cell from a possible engine ignition flashback.

When installing the wiring and electrical connections ensure that the hydrogen generator can only ever operate when your car engine is actually running and also install a separate isolating switch so you can turn off the hydrogen generator at anytime, even when your engine is running.

This isolating switch will also help you to see more accurately how much fuel economy you are achieving with this hydrogen enhanced combustion.

Engineers are not really boring people, they just get very excited about really boring things.