Are LED Flashlights Better Than Traditional Flashlights?

In almost every way, LED flashlights outperform traditional flashlights. Let's break down the pros and cons of flashlights that use LEDs over traditional incandescent flashlights.

1) Less Energy Consumption – LED flashlights use just a fraction of the energy incandescent flashlights consume. Incandescent lights work by heading a thin wire inside the bulb, creating both light and heat. Unfortunately, much of the energy needed to create light is lost in the form of heat. By using LEDs, less of the energy is lost to heat, meaning the same amount of light requires less energy to produce.

2) Brighter & Whiter Light Beam – Unlike incandescent bulbs, which produce more than a yellow, washed out color, LEDs produce a brilliant white light that is far brighter than what can be produced by an incandescent bulb. This is important when using a flashlight, as LEDs allow you to see farther and clearer.

3) Longer Lasting Bulb – As mentioned earlier, LED bulbs use less electricity than do incandescent bulbs. This equates to LED bulbs having a much longer life span than flashlights using incandescent bulbs. In the long run, this means saving you money on both batteries for your flashlight and purchasing replacement bulbs.

4) Increased Resistance To Impacts – Incandescent flashlights have a wire filament that acts as the light source. Unfortunately, these filaments are highly prone to breaking, giving even light falls and weak impacts to the flashlight a chance to break the filament. LED flashlights have no such filament and are so much more likely to be fine even after drops, impacts, and vibrations.

5) No Warm Up Delay – While this is not a problem for incandescent flashlights, there is a common misconception that LED Flashlights need a period of time to reach maximum brightness. Most people are confusing LEDs with CFL lights, which indeed do have a warm up time of up to a minute.

The only con of LED flashlights is that the initial cost for high quality LED flashlights may be higher than traditional flashlights, though those prices are quickly dropping as LED technology increases. In the long run, however, the cost of owning a flashlight that uses LEDs is lower, as the number of batteries used and replacement bulbs needed is less. If you're considering buying a flashlight sometime in the near future, consider an LED flashlight as a strong option. These flashlights are long-lasting, reliable, and give off brilliant light.