Are There Any Apartments in Houston Which Will Consider a Broken Lease?

When renting an apartment in Houston TX, one has to go through a few verification and qualifying checks that the apartments demand. One of these is off course a check on their rental history. This check is designed to uncover any broken leases that the applicant might have. Unlike bad credit which some apartments can ignore and decide to work with you, a broken lease is considered especially serious and most complexes will turn you down. But are there apartments in Houston that are considerate to people with prior broken agreements with other apartments?

Searching for apartments

Houston has thousands of new vacant apartment units every single day. These are located all over the city but if you are looking for second chance apartments, you might want to look in places like:

  • Downtown Houston
  • The Heights Section
  • Alief
  • Westchase
  • Greenspoint
  • Sharpstown

While it is true that these areas do harbor renters that can approve you despite of a prior rental issues with previous apartments, there are also a few conditions you must meet:

1. You must have a job

2. You must earn at least 3 times the amount of the rent

The first strategy in looking for such apartments is off course to leverage the power of the Internet. Typing broken lease apartments + your zip code will suffice. The sheer size of Houston makes it uneconomical and thoroughly inefficient to try and look for second chance apartments by driving around. That can also be a very costly and thoroughly frustrating ordeal.

Another strategy would be to retain the services of apartment locators. Sometimes these are not very helpful but there are a few out there that understand the plight of people who have been in these types of straits.


Unfortunately, sometimes the apartments that approve despite of a broken lease may be in seedy sections of Houston. But a careful search can unearth some in noteworthy sections of town. For instance, there are many second chance apartments in Westchase District, in the Southwest,close to the Galleria area. This is an optimum area with numerous shopping, and job opportunities. Westchase also has a very reasonable bus route.

Other places such as the Greenspoint area also promise apartments that are willing to work with applicants with prior rental issues. The Greenspoint area is also an excellent place to live, shop, work and go to school. Its close proximity to the airport also affords the locality good policing and as such crime is relatively well contained.