Are You Designed to be Lean?

Can you really have a Lean Gene Pool or ever win The Skinny Lottery?

Well we all know that your genetic blueprint plays a big part in how you come out and how you develop. So maybe we should just sing the happy tune by Lady Gaga "I Was Born This Way". Yes you need to be proud of who you are – maybe a little heavier, having larger bones, shorter, taller, smaller. You name it – we are all unique and we all have many attributes.

"I'm beautiful in my way cause God makes no mistakes. go Gaga's lyrics – and they are so true!

Here are my 5 Ways to Learn to Love, Appreciate and Honor Your Uniqueness:

Way # 1 There's No One Like You: That's a huge statement yet very rarely do really think about how profit it is. No one else is exactly like you even if you had an identical twin you both still will be very different in many ways. I started off talking about Lady Gaga – although there maybe similarities drawn to Madonna. Lady Gaga though is still unique to herself -just as you are. One of my favorite all time exercises I have clients do as we embark on a Weight Loss Journey is to go home and starting writing about 20-30 things you like about yourself. This can be daunting but my goal is during our time working together you will find over a hundred + things you like about yourself.

Way # 2 Your Environment Can Shape You: Regardless of genetics your environment plays a significant role in who you become. Were you nurtured as a child? More importantly do you nurture yourself today? I do not mean spa treatments (although lovely) or 5 Star Hotel Stays. I am talking about how you talk to yourself. Do you criticize, judge or blame yourself? Do you despise what you see in the mirror. Perhaps despair is too strong a word – OK – how about agonize over what you see? Of course it's not simple to embark on a healthy eating or weight loss program and it takes time to see results. You must start a process of learning new self talk techniques even before you begin to change what and how you're eating. Often the 2 happened simultaneously when I work with individuals.

Way # 3 Treat Yourself Very Well: One of my husband's favorite saying is "Be Kind to Yourself". It's one of those salutations that you may not really think deeply about when you hear it. But how many of us actually are kind to ourselves – really? This is similar to Way # 2 but let's take it a step further. Do you push yourself too hard, not eat well, deprive yourself of proper sleep, overwork, overeat, start arguments? All of these are ways of not treating yourself well. Giving into cravings after you told yourself you'd be strong. And just for the record strength has nothing to do with it – commitment to a higher goal is what it really takes. Know you are treating yourself well by sticking to healthy food choices – you are worth the extra effort it takes to shop and prepare these virtuous meals.

Way # 4 Laugh all the Way Back to Yourself: It's so vital to laugh daily. It'sTHE best medicine there is. Taking yourself too seriously is another way of not appreciating your humanness. You can get so caught up in your routine daily activities and maybe never bother to stop – smile, appreciate and just feel alive! There have been numerous studies showing the many healing benefits of laughter. Did you know that children laugh approximately 200 times per day, adults about 17-20 times. Shocking is not it. Start exercising this muscle today.

Way # 5 Be Bold: Do not shy away from what you really want to have in your life. You need to claim your desires and then convert them into reality. Avoid continuously saying you want something and not take the necessary steps to make them come true. Boldly go where you must! Your steps do not need to be leaps.

Steps are from point A to point B; Leaps are from point A

You may be ready for a Leap but it's not necessary to get you to your goal. If you want to be Lean then claim it for and to yourself first. And do not push it off to the side and make it not important – it is! You can have what you want – guaranteed

So if you are not Lean and want to be the first steps on Your Journey to Leanness are sited in this article the 5 Ways above.