Are You Living Your True Potential? What Gifts Lie Dormant in You?

I have a dream …

I have a dream that all children growing up in a safe and loving environment where their unique gifts are acknowledged and developed as they grow mentally and physically into their greater mission.

I have a dream that human beings, animals, flowers, and all of nature are going to be our main focus and materialism is used to save our environment instead of destroy it.

I have a dream that more people seek to access their full potential and start living their divine mission. That a wave of love, generosity, goodness, kindness, happiness, support and deep inner joy overflows amongst humans through the world.

I have a dream for a world basking in deep inner peace, happiness and love.

Are you living your true potential? What gifts lie dormant in you?

Many people feel overwhelmed, restless, depressed and even scared, because of the current world economic crisis.

Others who have achieved great success when the economy was booming are now beginning to worry about their job and career.

Some might have had wonderful dreams of how they were going to contribute to the world or live in luxury. But adversity stuck or life just happened in another direction, and the dreams faded away …

I believe it is a tragedy. The world is full of people with hidden gifts, talent, skills and exiting dreams who are settling for less.

The world needs illumination! People need to reawaken their dreamer to create an outstanding, and joy filled future.
Illumination can change the mindset of humankind and with it the world. A mental reawakening can and new solutions to raising problems such as global warming, loss of love and support in families and society …

Illumination will touch hearts, awaken the 'possibility' in people, enable them to access the genius within, and create a new way of living in abundance full of love, happiness, joy, vibrant health. This will be the breakthrough to get a glimpse of heaven here on earth.

Every one of us is born with a divine potential and a unique life purpose.

Everyone is meant to be here and has a unique mission to fulfill.

However, most people feel a vacuum in the place of these gifts. People are aware that there is 'something' missing and they feel the pain of this. They search for pain relief in the form of TV, over work, alcohol, drugs, food …

As a result, divine talents are wasted. Instead of flourishing they are stagnating …

I believe that everyone, that YOU, are here to fulfill a divine mission which only you can accomplish.
Are you living your true potential? What gifts lie dormant in you?

Would you like to start dreaming again? Do you long to access your true potential?

As I realize that my deeper mission is create transformation in others. To take action a realize this gift, I am offering one month free guidance coaching to five people who are seeking a life with fulfillment and want to discover their divine mission.