Are You Looking For a Painter?

To find a painter for customized oil painting is not difficult but to find a real good painter for family portrait is very difficult. Artists have their own skills and a painter who can create wonderful sceneries may not be able to create same astonishing impressions on your portrait.

There are some important factors that should be considered before selecting an artist for your family portrait. Traditionally artists used to create portraits in their studios but this process was very slow and tedious. It gives you more opportunity to make adjustments according to your requirements as you can provide direct feedback to the painter. The major drawbacks of traditional portraits are:

  • These paintings are very costly and it can cost you up to thousands of dollars depending on the artist and your location.
  • Sittings for the portrait are time consuming and if you want to create portraits for your kids or pets then it would be really difficult to make them sit still for hours.
  • It is not easy to get appointments for the time when you are free.

Internet has already provided a perfect solution and now artists can create portraits by using your photograph as a reference. You may think that when you already have a photograph then what is the need to get it converted into a portrait? A photograph has a very limited life and it can be ruined very easily. On the other hand oil paintings are everlasting and therefore you can treasure it for coming generations.

In today’s fast paced life when we do not have time to pose several days for portraits it is a great idea to convert your photograph in a memorable portrait. On the internet you can find several websites and artists who can immediately start working on your project irrespective of your location. The major drawback is that you cannot provide immediate feedback. However there are some artists who can make changes until and unless you are completely satisfied.

Artists usually send a blueprint for their pencil drawings and are willing to work according to your expectations. It is worth to spend money only when you find an artist who understands your requirements and is ready to make unlimited changes.

Shweta Singh is an art consultant at Linden Alley, a group of oil painting artists who create wonderful portraits using photos as references. All their work is 100% hand-made.