Are You Thinking to Buy Nuwave Oven?

Although this kitchen appliance does not cost a bomb, some who are contemplating to buy Nuwave Oven may hesitate simply because questions remain on whether this purchase is worth it.

While I cannot vouch the truth of others’ views on this product, I can certainly share the experience I’ve had since I bought it about six months ago.

Why I Decided on It

One of the first things that caught my attention was the fact that the oven, for its size, does not occupy much space. I live in an apartment where the kitchen is nothing much to speak of. And yet, this is where I prefer to concoct some quick meals when I get back from work (usually about eight in the evenings).

How the Oven Helps

Despite the fatigue, I try my best to cook up healthy meals which are easy and quick to prepare. Most times, the Nuwave Oven comes into the picture. I no longer hesitate to copy down recipes if I stumble upon something I like, as long as I can prepare it using the oven.

I don’t really fry stuff anymore, preferring to grill. I hate to think about the amount of work frying, say chicken, involved. To elaborate, cleaning after frying over the stove was a total chore, not to mention the smell that permeates through my attached living room.

I never thought of it this way but having the oven gave me more time to really enjoy my food without the stress of massive cleaning after. You see, since I mostly cook for two, I can easily fit the main as well as side dishes (most times, vegetables) together in the oven and within a few minutes, voila – dinner is set!

Unfounded Concern

One of my concerns before I buy Nuwave Oven was whether I needed to buy additional utensils to be used when cooking with this oven.

I need not. I made use of those Pyrex that I had and what’s more, sometimes, I just pop frozen food in their original foil trays if I were in a hurry. I felt that I should not be doing this but hey, there are instances when time is not on my side. Yes, it is reportedly safe to use foil in this oven but I try not to make it a norm (especially after I read something that says excessive use of foil can lead to cancer).

When using any oven for that matter, a little effort in using the right utensils pays. And for me, this oven has been good…so far.

As stated above, I can’t vouch for whatever others have said about this oven, but for its price, I feel it’s really a bargain. My only regret is that I had not gotten it sooner.