Armpit Odor Treatment

Go ahead … admit it. You've got excessive armpit odor.

Hey, I'm not pointing any fingers or making fun. I totally empathize with anyone's armpit odor. The fact is it used to be a BIG problem of mine.

See, excessive sweating or "Hyperhidrosis" has a pretty broad spectrum with varying degrees and types of perspiration.

One specific variety of this disorder is called "Bromhidrosis" or excessive body odor. It's more common than you might think.

I'm just going to take a moment to explain why excessive body odor occurs, and then I'll give you the natural armpit odor treatments that will extinguish your smelly underarms for good.

What is Bromhidrosis?

Human secretory glands are divided into 2 primary types known as apocrine and eccrine glands. Eccrine glands are distributed over the entire skin surface and primarily are involved in thermoregulation through sweat excretion.

In contrast, apocrine glands have a limited distribution, involving the axilla (armpits), genital skin, and breasts. Apocrine glands have no thermoregulatory role but are responsible for characteristic pheromonic odor.

The apocrine glands basically have bacteria attracted and multipying on them before they release secretions through the skin. The bacteria, released with these secretions, excrete toxins which result in the offensive armpit odor.

The problem with Bromhidrosis is that it's hard to battle with normal topicals such as prescription deodorants.

Afterall, deodorants are great for blocking the sweat pores, but how can you neutralize the offensive bacteria in your body that's creating the odor?

the Answer …

The bacteria that forms on the glands must be neutralized using treatments that have high acidity levels. The treatments listed below do just that.

The Natural Treatments

I know it can feel embarrassing to admit you have smelly armpits but the fact is, facing up to it like you're doing now is the only way to rectify the problem.

And believe me …

There are SO MANY ways to treat excessive or persistent armpit odor. Have no fear.

This article is going to give you to the treatments that will significantly decrease if not completely eliminate your armpit odor.

So, let's get right to it and make your persistent armpit odor history.

Lime Juice

Believe it or not, a remedy as simple as Lime Juice yields fantastic results. It's also incredibly easy to apply this treatment. Just divide a key lime (not so ripe) and then rub each half on your armpits.

If your underarm skin lightens a bit after a few days of this treatment, do not worry. The citric acid may have this side effect. Let your underarms air dry afterwards. You really want the citric acid to soak into your underarm pores.

Also, beware that if you get the lime juice on your clothes, it can discolor them. That's why it's so important to let your arms airdry before you dress. Stay away from this armpit odor treatment if you have cuts or are prone to rashes from overdrying.


Alum is a very effective armpit odor treatment. Think of it as a concentrated, crystal form of deodorant (aluminum chloride). Along with taming armpit odor, it actually stops your armpits from getting sweaty in the first place.

Manufacturers have developed deodorants from alum but some swear that using the raw crystal form is just as good as the deodorants which are more expensive. You can pick Alum up at most pharmacies.

You can rub Alum crystal directly into your armpits after drying from a bath or shower. Just be careful when you apply Alum. Occasionally it can have jagged edges and irritate the skin. Try to pick out smooth crystals at the pharmacy.


Applying malt vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar on the armpits at night as part is another awesome armpit odor treatment. Do this after drying off from a shower. Make sure to allow the vinegar to air dry. In the morning, you can apply your regular deodorant as you normally would.

Much like the lime treatment, the acidity in the vinegar will neutralize the bacteria that clings to your body's Apocrine glands. These three treatments work well – there's no doubt. However, the ultimate armpit odor prevention simply revolves around sweating LESS.

Really, you no longer have to suffer from perspiration and smelly pits. The natural remedies mentioned above will certainly help you, but would not it be nice to not NEED to use them at all?