Army Officer Interview Questions And Answers

Many people attend the Army Officer interview but only a small percentage succeed. The reason for this is simply because they fail to provide sufficient evidence of their ‘officer’ potential. You are guaranteed to get asked the following question during the Army Officer interview:

Can you tell me why you want to become an Officer?

You must have valid reasons why you want to become an Officer in the Army. This job is entirely different to being a regular soldier. You will have far more responsibilities and the training that you will undergo will be extremely challenging, both mentally and physically. Here are a few positive reasons for wanting to become an Officer:

“An opportunity to become an elite Officer in the Army is an opportunity to be the best that I can be.”

“I believe that I have the potential to become an exceptional Officer and I don’t want to waste my potential.”

“I want to become an Officer simply because I believe I have the skills and attributes to lead, inspire and develop people. If I am not in a leadership position then I believe those skills and attributes will be wasted.”

“I am a confident, professional and enthusiastic person who believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to be there best. As an Officer I would have the chance to make a difference and I would thrive in a position that could help the Army to achieve its organizational goals and objectives.”

“In any organisation that I have worked in so far, I have always held a keen interest in the development of staff and the development of the company as a whole. The experiences that I have gained in life so far and prepared me to become an Officer in the Army and I believe that I could be a excellent member of the Army’s leadership team.”

If you use any of the above reasons for wanting to become an army officer you will have more chances of success.


– When you walk into the interview room stand up straight with your shoulders back. Project an image of confidence;

– Don’t sit down in the interview chair until invited to do so;

– Sit with your hands resting on your knees, palms downwards. It is OK to use your hands expressively but don’t overdo it;

– Don’t slouch in the chair;

– Speak up and be positive;

– Smile, be happy and have a sense of humour;

– Dress as smart as you can and take a pride in your appearance. If you don’t have a suit make sure you wear a shirt and tie at the very least.

– Improve your personal administration. By this I mean your personal hygiene and cleanliness. Make sure you have washed and your hands and nails are clean.

– Make sure you have researched both the Army life and your chosen career/careers. This is very important.

– During the interview do not be negative or disrespectful towards your teachers, parents or people in positions of authority. Remember that you are applying to join a disciplined service.

– Go the extra mile and learn a little bit about the Army’s history if you get time. When the panel asks you ‘What can you tell us about the Army?’ you will be able to demonstrate that you have made an effort to look into their history as well as their modern day activities;

– Be respectful and courteous towards the interview panel. At the end of your response to each question finish off with either ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’ or as otherwise instructed.

– Ask positive questions at the end of the interview. Try not to ask questions such as “How much leave will I get?” or “How often do I get paid?”

– If you are unsure about a question don’t waffle. If you do not know the answer then it is OK to say so. Move on to the next question and put it behind you.

Finally, believe in yourself and be confident. A positive attitude will bring positive results!