Aroma ARC-733G Review

In this Aroma ARC-733G review I shall outline why even though it comes at a very cheap price, it may be the best choice for you. It means you will be able to prepare great tasting Japanese white rice like many other more expensive manufacturers, such as Zojirushi and Tiger, but you do not have to pay such a large price to begin with. Of course I feel that overall the higher quality and more expensive rice cookers are on the whole better than the Aroma ARC 733G.

However the cost of the Aroma ARC-733G is so low that it is a kitchen appliance well worth considering if you are unsure how much you would actually use a rice cooker. It makes a great trial machine for people who are keen to try out the world of great tasting rice. And also it could be a wise investment for people like students who may not have a great deal of spare cash.

When I decided to review the Aroma ARC 733G, I thought that it would not be very good. I thought that a rice cooker that costs so little would be unlikely to be able to produce anything that tasted very good. However this is not the case. Cost savings have obviously been made in the design. It does not look as stylish as machines from Japanese manufacturers such as Zojirushi and Panasonic, to name but a few. But it is the taste of the rice that it produces that is the most important feature. Other savings have been made by only offering the most basic features. This machine lets you cook rice and keep it warm until you are ready to eat it. These are the most essential functions of a rice cooker. Overall at the price, the Aroma ARC-733G is a great value rice cooker that would make the perfect choice for people not willing to pay over $100 for a Zojirushi machine.