Around the Dinner Table

The dinner table can be a great place for family bonding. Many families do not make use of the kitchen table and family meals together as they did in the past. We live in such a hustle and bustle society that all too often, family members are running in different directions instead of spending time together as they should be.

Many studies have shown that children from families who eat together do better in school as well as other areas of their lives. They are more secure in who they are and they tend to have more confidence. Such a small thing can make such a huge difference in the lives of your children.

Here are some tips to help you get the most from time spent around the dinner table with your kids:

  • Ask open-ended questions so you get more than one word answers or grunts.
  • Do not do all the talking; give your child a chance to tell you about their day.
  • If you have multiple children, give each one the same fair amount of time to share.
  • Ask for your child's advice on something happening in your life.
  • Share some parts of your day (but do not vent).
  • Ask your children how they feel about certain current events or things in the news.
  • Ask about where they would like to go on vacation.

With these tips, you can get more from around the dinner table. Make it a point to have family meals together as often as possible. It will be good for you as well as for your children, no matter what their age.