Art Portfolio Case – Make Your Case!

Art work comes in various types – drawings, paintings, pictures, sketches and graphics, sculptures, legal documents, etc. Concerned with damaging art work and supplies while transporting to various locations or an acceptable display format for finished products, many artists store or carry their portfolio in suitable casing. Portfolio cases are traditional carrying cases for artwork and they usually come in assorted sizes, some oversized and hard to find. A typical art portfolio case is made from lightweight, high quality water-resistant nylon.

Owing to the nature of your art work, finding a custom-made portfolio that is functional can be a challenge. If you get to find a suitable one, it might be out if your budget range. Being an artist involves creation of complex art, sometimes from scratch. Finding a casing for your priced creation should be the least of your worries. Instead of being stuck with unavailability of/or inappropriate casing, push your creativity a bit further and create your own custom-made art portfolio case and put your signature indelibly on your finished work. It is not a difficult task at all. Like your art, you can create it even out of scrap materials. You just need to have a basic knowledge of sewing to add to that. If you don’t, finding someone who does is very common place.

To make your casing, you will need a sewing machine (hand stitches adds even more class to your case!), an Iron, some fabric, sewing thread, and sheets of either cardboard, strawboard or mat board – any one you could lay your hands on.

Making an art portfolio case is akin to making two big pillowcases, measuring and inserting the cardboard, strawboard or mat board and pushing it inside the fabric through each open end, and sewing the two pillowcases close leaving one common end open. Next step is to attach a suitable and a latch or zipper to secure the potential contents.

This is a basic method of creating your custom-made art portfolio case. With your creativity and research, you can design it to fit your diverse requirements, and it is very simple and feasible.