Arturo Alvarez Lighting

This extremely popular lighting company produces unique and personal lighting which is distributed in major cities in Europe, America and the Middle East. The lights designed and produced by Arturo Alvarez have the main intention of provoking emotion and involve real enthusiasm into creating lights to enhance spaces.

One of the most unique and breathtaking lighting ranges from this company is ‘Bety’. Its distinctive shape and atmosphere have made it hugely popular. It has even been placed into the Museum of Decorative Arts in Barcelona.

One of the founders and a key part of the company that’s named after him is Arturo Alvarez. He won the 2008 and 2009 ‘Good Design’ award for several of his lighting designs and is renown for his ’emotional light’ focus, with designer lighting.

The products themselves are made with exclusive materials from the USA and European countries making every single light extremely valuable. The company show pride in being able to offer such special, eco-friendly designs. The passion behind the products is quite apparent on the individual designs and finished lights.

Having designer lighting in a home or workspace can completely transform the space and bring something ‘new’ to any area. Arturo Alvarez design lighting for floors where lights can stand freely and be used anywhere where there is free floor space. They also create lighting for ceilings and tables ensuring lighting is an option anywhere, allowing a huge variety of moods and atmospheres to be created.

Lighting can be a focal point of a room, and if not chosen correctly, bring an unintended bad feel to the space. Using combinations of lights can aid a room if used in a good way. Arturo Alvarez have collections of lights which could be used together to form unique, comfortable environments inside a home. This is where Arturo Alvarez lighting separates itself from any competitors.

When redecorating any room in a house Arturo Alvarez would be a great way to enhance your efforts and maximize the effects of decorations.