Artwork Guidelines For Large Format Digital Printing

What makes for a good digital print file? – The best method of delivery for a digital print file is an Adobe Acrobat PDF. A high resolution PDF means that the image quality of the graphics provided will be sharp and clear at the nominated print size. When using photographic images within the main design, aim for a resolution of between 150 – 300dpi (dots per inch) at the finished print size.

How do I create a print quality PDF? – Most modern graphic design packages such as Adobe InDesign, Quark, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Pagemaker or Photoshop can export files as postscript level 2. EPS (Encapsulated postscript) files. This file is then dropped into Adobe Acrobat Distiller (set to Press quality) and a PDF is produced. This file is now ready to send to your large format digital print house via email or on CD.

What if I need PMS colors reproduced? – Many graphic designers are faced with clients who have company logos that are made up of Pantone PMS colors (better known as spot colors). When it comes time to print a poster or banner, these Pantone colors can only be reproduced digitally in CMYK. Some Pantone colors will print very differently and cause all sorts of problems for both the designer and client. Always insist on a strip proof from your digital printer so you can get approval from your client before printing one or multiple copies.

Can you print files supplied from Microsoft Office? – Word, Excel & Powerpoint are not recognized graphic packages and are there difficult but not impossible to print from. Most digital print groups will not accept files provided in these generic formats. If you purchase the latest version of Microsoft Office 2007, you can get a genuine Microsoft download that will generate print quality PDF's of your working files. This is great step forward in reproduction of work done using Microsoft products.