As A Motor Head

As a motor head, I spend a lot of time studying my favorite thing, and that is muscle cars, I love them right to the end, and I do not think anything can or should ever take them away from us, all these people That do not see the use of the muscle cars or what they did for the automotive industry, I'm about to explain what they did, and will still do for the industry.

The first point that I will make here is simply this, the automated manufactures use racing to test the durability and strength of their cars, they did not just build these cars on a whim, they were planned and thought out very carefully, racing is Used to innovate new ideas for the safety and comfort of the people driving the car.

The competition makes the motor companies continue to develop better and better cars every year, it helps them make new metal alloys designed for strength and longevity, it help the oil companies make advances in their product that will extremely help our cars last longer and run better .

Form racing the motor companies will build better suspension and steering components to help your car handle better and ride smoother, it will help you to feel your car better so you can know what's on the road before it has a chance to hurt you or your car .

Racing is not just about the good old boys going out to have some fun on the weekend, although you can bet they do have fun driving their cars, especially when their in the winner circle in the end, the idea of ​​racing cars is here to Serve a purpose, and that purpose is to help keep you safe, and behind the wheel of your car, rather then in the back of an ambulance.

It's obvious what one of the other this racing is, and that is to help promote the car companies products, because you know everyone likes a winner, so there before it does help promote the sales of cars.

But you can bet without racing, the cars that we drive would not be anywhere near as safe as they are, so while those of you with limited thinking are out there saying that racing is just a waste of gas and time, I'll bet You like all the neat things that it does for your cars, and the safety of the passengers in them, and no the imports do not do it better then we do.

You have no idea how many times I've heard that all muscle cars are gas guzzling dinosaurs that should be eliminated from the entire automated world, and I guess it takes all kinds of people to make the world go around, but this just proves To me that a lot of people are nothing but idiots.