Ascension Tactics – The Higher Self and Dimensional Integration

As Ascension continues I am finding their is a specific sequence, pattern, to really opening yourself up to higher dimensions, an important step being breaking a gap between 3rd and 5th and being able to talk to your higher dimensional self for true, supreme advice. We are currently making a bridge between the 5th dimension and the 3rd as Couldn’t say why but I believe we funked something up with our evolution of the 4th dimension.

To clarify a 4th dimensional human would be someone we know like Jesus. They have reached a level of connection with the oneness and energetic fluidity to raise their focal point of reality to the Heart Chakra. This can create emotional energies so strong they can manipulate the material world at will. Also you would be seen as a different color of light but you would still remain connected to many laws of the physical, material world. For example, death and rebirth still exists. The control over one’s material surroundings would be depending on your community and the energetic levels of those of your immediate collective.

The Lumerians were 4th dimensional society and studying some of their temples you can tell that their higher shaman priests had the capabilities to change stone to putty and mold it like clay.

They had underground temples where these special members of society would enter deep into the earth to perform exhibits of energy beyond our understanding and affect the ecosystem within the soil, aiding in the agricultural efforts of the people above the surface.

But to bridge that gap and open yourself up to your 5th dimensional self. This sequence takes work, if you have not had a walk in or were born with abnormal abilities… you will have to work hard, train hard to Find Your Higher Self.

But I was not born with any of this and I am making my way there, progressing to have more and more contact with my higher self and higher dimensional selves more and more.

Today I had conversations with my 5th dimensional self which I have only experienced on rare occasions. But it felt more normal today, like we would be getting to know each other better and better, talking, on a verbal level. Of course I am sure he knows all he needs to about me, But I can sure learn a lot about me from “that me”.

How to Integrate Higher Dimensions

But we must also take care once we start developing these traits and realizing a larger spectrum of reality. Many people wonder about the 911 scandal being such an obvious inside job and the infamous Illuminati. I will tell you, this group does exist and many ask if they are so secret why is the subject now so popular?

The Illuminati had to make a pretty big decision. As more of us begin raising our energy beyond the levels they have held in secret to maintain control and manipulation over the world… they have a lot less to guard in secrecy. How could they combat this? This society that is becoming more and more aware and less and less controllable as at first outright slaves, then capital slaves… and now most people are like “F THIS, I Do Not Want To Live My Whole Life Working What Bores Me To Pay Bills That Bore Me.” Though a fancy gimmick phone, car, etc. can still be very bribing… many are realizing that is Just Not Fulfilling Them.

So looking for answers you often go back, why did I want that in the first place? This is where many people have been finding the Illuminati, New World Order, Ect. No accident they revealed themselves now after thousands and thousands of years… only in unlikely hopes they will scare the ascending from continuing. Not Working!

Stay tuned as I will soon be sharing deeper with you some of the experiences I had with Illuminati Spies, Dark Sorceress and the such. Also, how I handled them rightfully and wrongfully and great tips about how you can learn from my mistakes if you ever find yourself is a similar situation.