Asian Area Rugs

A lot of people make use of Asian design to decorate their dwelling places. The Oriental designs are considered exotic and interesting. Thus, Asian carpets and  rugs  are popular choices.

Many of these Asian  rugs  are expensive because they are handcrafted. The price of a high-quality Asian  rug  can even go up to thousands of dollars since it takes a long time to create these  rugs . Only a few people have handmade and authentic Asian  rugs . Most people buy mass-produced Asian  rugs , the quality of which leaves much to be desired. They are inferior to the real handcrafted Asian  rugs  that can last for many years because of their unique knotting process.

What determines the beauty of the carpet is the quality of yarn used. The warp consists of a set of yarns tightly held on a loom, while the weft is a yarn that is cross-wise and weaved between the warp yarns. A row of knots forms the pile. The knot is secured by placing yarn into the weave and wrapping it around sets of warps.

The piles determine the design, colors and patterns. This is the reason why Asian carpets that are really two-dimensional look three-dimensional. The knot type also determines the design. Asian carpets usually use two types of knots, namely the Turkish knot and Persian knot. The field and border patterns in handmade Asian  rugs  are the result of the repeated design of these knots.

Vacuuming regularly helps  rugs  retain their beauty and extend their use. Remember to clean spills at once. Blot the stain with a clean cloth, clean the spot with a non-bleach dishwashing soap, then rinse with water and finally blot dry. Do not dry clean or bleach to clean the  rug ; instead, use the professional method of extracting hot water.