Ask for the Moon and Get It by Percy Ross Philanthropist

Ask for the Moon and Get It

Percy Ross the author of the above book began life in poverty but through hard work became a millionaire and philanthropist, giving all his money away before he died, relatively recently. He wrote the above book when he was 70. He was known for giving away silver dollars as a symbol of hope to poor children and had a column in newspapers called “Thanks a Million”, from which he helped countless people with their requests.

His parents were Jewish immigrants, his father was a scrap merchant, and scraped by hardly making enough to feed his children. At the age of 7 Percy was taught how to sell eggs to neighbours to help put food on the table. Lessons he learnt that helped him all his life, he developed ten rules for success and the correct ways to ask for what you need.

As a child he disparately wanted a bicycle like other boys, but his father couldn’t afford it, eventually he got him a very old bike but Percy was overjoyed with it. Bicycles featured strongly in gifts to underprivileged children. By 1977 he had given away 100 new bikes but in 1971 he held a Christmas party for needy children and gave away over a thousand shiny new bikes.

Percy put his success down to learning from his father the right way to ask for what he needed. The book dwells on his ten lessons for success. It is a beautiful book to stimulate and inspire, I hope it is still in print. Yes, it is still available in book stores! So you can enjoy it too and study his 10 rules

to bring you your success

Percy’s Rules:

Know what you want

Ask the right person

Prepare a good case

Give in order to receive

Overcome the blocks to asking

Ask artfully

Request don’t demand or beg

show respect

Ask and keep asking

Go beyond me to we.

Percy goes into great detail how he chose whose dreams he fulfilled according to the way they asked and the needs of the people who wrote in for help. I’m not sure if I unknowingly asked in the right way but I have managed to fulfill two of my dreams I have an online business and we are living in the sun.

If an online business is one of your dreams the easiest way to start is with affiliate marketing with the guidance of a successful mentor. Excellent products sales pages and training will be provided to reduce the amount you have to learn before you start earning. It is a great way of life and gives time freedom and choice of location, you just need a laptop.

So whatever your dreams I hope you are inspired by Percy Ross and enjoy his life-story.

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