Ask Your Sunroom Contractor For A Four Seasons Sunroom

The 4 seasons sunrooms are generally built against the sides of the house so that you can enjoy the outdoor comfort even while staying indoors. The thrilling nature can be felt thoroughly even when you are inside it, away from the rain, wind and other harsh natural elements. Sometimes they are also called solarium or Florida room.

These require much less time to be built and are easier to be constructed than the usual ones made of mortars, bricks and concrete. What you need is a desired way of setting the furniture and planning it prior so that the solarium becomes as comfortable as the other rooms in your home. They serve you round the year as a pleasurable retreat to enjoy the nature even while staying inside.

What Is a 4 Seasons Sunroom?

The sunrooms are usually made of glass primarily. But in case of a 4 seasons sunroom it is built of insulated walls and roof which have insulated glass windows and sky-lights. The domestic heating and cooling system can also be extended to this appendage and round the year the temperature of the sunroom can also be controlled in keeping with the climate outside, be it a scorching heat or an inclement chill. In case the system fails somehow then you can bank upon the window air-conditioners and the baseboards heaters to serve you the required purpose.

The sunroom has natural light pouring in and it is very healthy for the human body as sunlight produces Vitamin D. The sunrooms are very easy to set up and so they can be constructed anywhere and anytime. You can enjoy outdoor activities while staying fully within the four walls of your sunroom. Any climatic extremity is not strong enough to hassle you while you are inside your sunroom. They are the perfect joint for the family to get together in the morning or at night.

It never takes a sunroom contractor more than a week to make a sunroom. The traditional buildings take a much greater time. Solariums do add space to a home. When constructed carefully, they are capable of giving the home a very elegant look.

They also serve as multi-purpose rooms. In North America they are very commonly seen in houses. They are customized to suit as an appendage to an existing architectural edifice. The glasses are with good insulation, obtained at a low cost and give great comfort and also have a very high R-value. A glass with 4.0 R-Value should be used preferably. These glasses allow visible light transmission of 56 and provide a harmony of visibility and glare reduction. There is a microscopic coating on the glass that allows natural light but blocks the summer sun and the harmful UV ray.