Asphalt Roads protection material

Road Coating Asphalt Maintenance rejuvenator TL-2000

It is known to everyone that development of motor road network in any country reflects the potential of the country’s general economic development.

In 20th century, roads came to our homes, and at the present, every second person of us spends a half of his or her working time as a driver or passenger.

The roads we take are those enabling us to reach the necessary place fast and without time-consuming traffic jams and crashes, and in many cases this depends on the quality of road   pavement .

Asphalt concrete shows considerable strength, impermeability and resistance to water, and the ability of elastic and plastic deformation. It provides smoothness and elasticity of road  pavement , comparatively noiseless traffic, and good road grip of wheel tires.

Unfortunately, The asphalt concrete, which is one of the greatest inventions of mankind unrivalled to the present time, loses all these positive properties in 2 to 5 years after the road is built.

Since the advent of asphalt concrete, best inventors in the field of road building have been trying to prolong the asphalt concrete service life by using various traditional methods such as strengthening the material with various polymers , road  pavements  impregnation with various oils, road  pavement  reinforcement with fabric, etc.

All the above methods result in sharp increase in the road  pavement  cost, and what is even more important, deteriorate the road  pavement  properties such as road grip of wheel tires and so on.

The search of conventional solution aimed at strengthening the asphalt concrete mixtures and improvement of repair methods is being conducted day and night by leading road-building specialists of the world. However, radical solutions of this problem require another approach and another conception.

The use of material TL is exactly such a solution. The new approach is based on the simplest intention to seal off the road from the action if factors causing damage to its  pavement . This solution is a breakthrough in road building and maintenance, and material TL has corroborated its serviceability on the roads of Europe, America, Africa and Asia. The material is unique in its simple production and easy application.

TL-2000 is a black liquid single component micro-bitumen polymer composition asphalt rejuvenator to be applied to the surface of asphalt concrete road in a thin layer by pouring or spraying and subsequent spreading. A thin-film coating is thus created. The hardening time is 40 to 60 minutes (depending on the ambient temperature), i.e., in 40 to 60 minutes the road may be opened for traffic.

The method being proposed is compared with the existing ones in the table below []

TL consumption is 0.7 to 1.5kg/m^2 depending on the road  pavement  condition. Adhesion of the material to the road surface primarily occurs through chemical combination with the bitumen component.

The active gaseous component of TL penetrates into bulk of asphalt concrete to a depth of 4 cm and chemically combines with the bitumen forming a copolymer bitumen composition having the necessary plastic and elastic properties.

Except for rejuvenation, TL performs the following main functions. After its application to the road surface, and complete hardening (complete polymerization), we obtain a thin membrane coating preventing penetration of water and gases including ozone into the road  pavement  and protect the road from ultraviolet and infrared solar radiation and various chemicals.

TL-2000 does not contain solvents and does not cause any damage to the road.

The material allows an increase in the road grip of a rubber tire by about 20 to 30% and thereby considerably shortens the braking distance and improves the traffic safety.

It is possible to produce and apply coloured modifications of TL. for instance, the road section with especially dangerous traffic conditions can be made red with an increased coefficient of friction, a parking place and be made green, etc.

TL-2000 can be used not for road coating or asphalt maintenance only. The available modifications of TL allow other applications as well. For instance, the TL-S modification shows properties of rubber in addition to the above-described properties.

The material is easily and quickly applied to underground concrete surfaces by using an air compressor or with a hand brush, ensuring perfect damp sealing.

The coating does not pass water at a pressure of up to 6atm. the work is done without material heating.

All modifications based on material TL are liquid single-component compositions hardening in contact with air.

They will not freeze at temperatures of about -30C .

In sealed barrels or other containers, the material can be stored even in the open air during up to 2 years.

Thus, a highly effective new material is now available . Its main features are as follows:

1. Application of the material to asphalt concrete  pavements  of motor roads, airfields, storehouses floors, etc. ensures a considerable increase in service life of the  pavement  and imparts them impermeably and resistance to water, acids, alkalis, oils, gasoline and salt solutions.

2. It is possible to obtain colours asphalt concrete surfaces.

3. It is possible to utilize ash and various other pulverous materials.

4. Application is easy, quick, cheap and convenient.

5. All the materials used for equipment cleaning (kerosene, diesel fuel, etc.) as well as the equipment itself are not expensive or difficult to obtain.

6. Application does not require special facilities. If the volume of work is rather small, brushes or rubber spreaders can be used.